Anyone can goviral on TikTok. It is often the most creative or silly videos that increase in popularity.

TikTok has a large audience who are engaged. There are a few tricks you can try to increase your chance of being seen.

The 10 best TikTok tricks can be found here.

1. Stitch top-performing or relevant videos.

You can use Stitch to combine two videos on TikTok with one you're creating. It's another way to work with other TikTokers and use user-generated content.

Look for top performing videos in your niche. The search bar can be used to find out more about your brand. Do you know if any videos mention your brand?

The Share icon is on the right side of the screen.

You need to tap Stitch. You can use five seconds of the video to make your edits.

TikTok tricks: stiching

We will look at stitching in action.

Example: Puma

If you're not in the loop, latte art is a big deal on TikTok, with over 2 billion views. The brand joined the action by "stitching" the original video and attempting to recreate it, after a user put the logo on top of a cup of coffee.

This is an example of a brand working with its audience.

2. Use the green screen effect.

The green screen effect is a stand out from the crowd.

This effect allows you to stay on-screen while different images are in the background. It adds a new level of story telling.

TikTok trick: green screen effect

If you want to explain topics, provide recommendations, or complement your story, this is the filter for you.

Suppose you're a fitness expert. The proper form of an exercise can be explained by using photos in the background. The background visuals help enhance your commentary.

Example: Levi's

The green screen effect makes Levi's recommend different jeans. It is easy for viewers to follow along and see pictures of the jeans.

3. Leverage trending audio.

The sound is important to the TikTok experience. It makes people want to read your content. It's the starting point for a lot of people.

TikTok trick: Creative Center

I don't know what sounds are going on right now. The most popular music and audio clips are ranked by TikTok. If your audience is in a different location from yours, you can use the filters to find them.

Example: Duolingo

Duo the Owl, the mascot of Duolingo, is a popular video on the platform. Duo can be seen dancing to popular songs and acting in skits that use popular audio clips.

4. Try vlog-style videos.

It's possible that the videos on TikTok are so popular because they feel more intimate.

Multiple clips are tied together with a narration about the events in the video. It makes viewers feel like they are in your shoes.

Example: Netflix

The example shows how the vlog style can be used to take a group on a journey. Even though most of us won't walk a red carpet in our lifetime, we can still get a peak of what it's like. It's a great way to show off your work.

5. Incorporate both niche and trending hashtags.

A TikTok needs to land in front of your audience in order to be considered a success. There are ways to get there.

Adding a tag to your description will allow you to drive discoverability, build brand awareness, and extend your reach. How can you achieve it?

It sounds counterintuitive, but only targeting popular hashtags is not effective. They're very competitive and command a bigger audience. Those who are highly engaged and interested are more likely to search for niche hashtags.

#coreworkout is more niche than #workout with a fraction of the audience.

Both popular and niche are included in a well-rounded strategy. You can see the example below.

Example: Dunkin'

Everyone is excited for the seasonal menu at Dunkin'. The brand is trying to get the word out by using a variety of hashtags.

The video below uses #fall and #pumpkinszn, both of which have less than 40 million views. The Pumpkinszn can be used to reach a smaller audience.

6. Reply to comments with video.

Every brand on TikTok has the same goal. That connection can be found in the comment section. The place where viewers go to ask questions is there.

The creators used to reply with text, but now they can use video. This feature will allow you to answer questions and keep your audience coming back for more.

Example: Glossier

After a TikTok user asked how to use one of its products, the brand replied with a video explaining all the ways to use it. The product'sVersatility is highlighted by the brand in doing so.

7. Add value with "How To" TikToks.

It's easy to provide value to TikTok viewers with "how to" videos. If you position yourself as an authority in your niche, your brand, products, and services will be top-of-mind for viewers.

If you're a travel brand, you could film videos of must see attractions, restaurant recommendations, and travel tips.

Example: Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure gives you all the information you need. The brand has you covered, positioning itself as a gold mine of advice for the travel obsessed.

8. Leave a CTA in your description and/or comments.

Do you need more engagement? It's as easy as asking for it.

The ultimate goal of a CTA is to get people to do something. What should my viewers do? Whatever you choose, it should help you get closer to your goal.

Prime real estate is defined as f9 or CTAs. This area can be used to ask questions, encourage users to follow you, or drive traffic to your website.

If you're running ads, we recommend using a marketing integration tool, such as LeadsBridge, to sync all your lead data to yourCRM

Example: Fenty Beauty

Different ways to use a product are shown in this TikTok. In order to encourage engagement, they add a relevant question in the description and use a brand-specific #.

9. Add subtitles to your videos.

The introduction of auto-captions made TikTok more accessible. Although you can manually add caption, you can also use the caption tool. You can make subtitles for your videos with a single click.

This is the image source.

You can reach an even wider audience if you add subtitles to your video. It also helps viewers who can't listen to the sound.

Example: Formula 1

It's a good bet that Formula 1's TikTok is on your radar.

Do you know how often they add subtitles to their videos?