The new iPhone 14 Pro and Dynamic Island make it easier to change and use custom app icons on the home screen.

It is one of the most popular ways to use custom app icons. Users can create a custom shortcut on their Home Screen with any image or custom app icon they want. There are practical limitations that can be annoying.

custom app icon shortcut banner 2

There is a banner on the custom app icons on the older version of the phone.

A large banner appears at the top of your display when you tap on a custom app icon shortcut on your home screen. The workaround is less than ideal due to the distraction and intrusive banner.

The introduction of Dynamic Island and the new iPhone 14 Pro make it easier to use custom app icons. There is a new area at the top of the display called Dynamic Island on the latest high-end iPhones.

  • How the iPhone 14 Pro's New 'Dynamic Island' Works

There is an alert that Apple has moved to. There is a banner at the top of the display when running Shortcuts on the Apple device. The shortcut works in Dynamic Island.

custom app icon shortcut dynamic island

There is a custom app icon on the Dynamic Island.

Dynamic Island makes it easier to run custom app icons. Custom app icons can't show notifications like normal apps. This can make it hard for users who want to use a custom app icon for social media or messaging to do so.

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The redesign of the Home Screen on the iPhone was one of the reasons why users created custom icons. Since then, Apple has made it easier to use custom app icons and personalize the Lock Screen in the latest version of its operating system.