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It initially seemed ironic that the ideal time to back 28, a self-proclaimed "femtech" company that offers fitness and wellbeing recommendations based on a person's menstrual cycle, was now.

You begin to do the math

He has poured money into political action committees that support the Senate campaigns of Republicans. He gave $10 million to a political action committee that supported J.D. Abortion was compared to slavery by the man.

A Senate candidate from Arizona who once stated he was pro-life and supported a federal personhood law that recognizes that unborn babies are human beings that may not be killed was supported by Thiel. The entry has been deleted. They both won their Republican primaries. Although that support seems to be waning, both are supported by the same man.

“The potential of innovation in the private sector is limitless, but so is the potential to do harm.” Olivia DeRamus, founder, Communia

You can see that it's an spinoff of Evie magazine. According to a representative for Evie, 28 and Evie are separate entities and function in different ways. is now referred to as after the website name was " 28 by Evie" Evie claims to focus on affirming femininity, without the bias of other publications.

Evie published a story about whether the trans debate is a cause of the rise in women's mental health issues. The publication wrote that abortion is the intentional end of a human being in the womb, and that it is never medically necessary.

The version of the startup with ties to the magazine landed a $3.2 million seed round. It is the only feminist technology that the firm has invested in. It's not a coincidence. One of several examples of right-leaning investors and entrepreneurs bringing a particular brand of conservatism to market through several avenues is the decision by Thiel Capital to back 28.