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It's Ocean Organic Vodka.

The back story

The beach season may have ended with the arrival of fall. If you aren't going to the ocean, you can take a sip of it.

Ocean Organic Vodka uses actual ocean water from the mineral-rich waters around Hawaii to create a spirit. Shay Smith, who was born in Maui, wanted to create a product that spoke to the spirit of the state but with some differentiating factor. There is a facility that pipes in ocean water and then uses a reverse osmosis process to desalinate it. Smith says that the water is very clean.

Smith says that the water can be used for a variety of purposes. Smith wanted to use it for something else. The bottle is shaped like a globe and adds to the brand. Bars and restaurants can buy a more traditional bottle.

The brand has grown at a 10% to 20% annual pace since it was founded more than a decade ago, according to Smith. Smith says it is geared to take things to the next level and produce up to half a million cases.

What we think about it

You may be in for a disappointment if you think you are going to get a mouthful of briny flavor with each sip. The water that goes into the spirit is desalinated so it doesn't taste like the ocean It's a solid vodka for the money with a full mouthfeel and notes of creamy and peppery. It makes for a great conversation starter.

How to enjoy it

Ocean can be had on the rocks or in a martini. It works well with a squeeze of lime.