A California man is accusing a Southwest Airlines passenger of physical and verbal assault on a Saturday morning flight.

A man sitting in front of his wife was violently pushed his seat back in an attempt to physically harm her.

—Faraaz Sareshwala (@fsareshwala) September 25, 2022

When she woke up, she was sleeping with her head on the tray. He wrote that the passengers next to her tried to confront the man and that they informed her of the incident after she returned.

The man told the seatmates to "fuck off" and "that bitch got what was coming for her" As drink services began in the cabin, the man made comments to a woman sitting next to him that he should hit the seat in an attempt to spill the drink.

He said that after struggling to get help from flight attendants, Saarah and her seatmates started passing notes back and forth to communicate. A note from a particular witness was shared by the man.

note written by Gabi Calhoun from a Southwest flight from Orlando to Phoenix. Courtesy of Faraaz Sareshwala

Southwest never confronted the man even though one flight attendant offered to change his wife's seat, and another employee only offered to call the police after one of her seatmates spoke up, according to a thread on the social networking site.

Southwest Airlines didn't reply to Insider's request for comment.

The case was turned over to the FBI because the incident happened in the air and everyone was questioned by the Phoenix Police Department.

"We don't have an FBI case number but the Phoenix police said that if the FBI thinks there is enough evidence to press charges they will reach back out."

The roles race and gender may have played may have been highlighted by him.

We don't know what caused him to become so violent. He said that his wife has never felt so powerless. He used racial slurs and misogynistic comments and she was Indian and a woman.

Unruly or dangerous behavior on flights is not allowed by the FAA. A man was banned from American Airlines after he punched a flight attendant in the head.