The Apple Watch Ultra was put through a number of tests, including a drop test, a jar of nails, and repeated hits with a hammer, in order to see if Apple's claims for its longevity are true.

The Apple Watch Ultra was dropped from around 4 feet high into the air by Tech Rax. The Apple Watch Ultra was unhooked, but there were some dents in the titanium case. The Apple Watch Ultra was mixed in a jar of nails and left without marks.

TechRax hit the Apple Watch Ultra's display with a hammer in order to see if it could hold up over time. The watch withstood repeated hits with the hammer until it cracked after the table took some damage.

The Apple Watch Ultra failed to turn on after being hit many times. The failure to power on could be a sign that some internal components have been damaged. It is unrealistic to portray a typical use case of the Apple Watch Ultra, but it may provide some reassurance to customers.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged, durable, and extreme Apple Watch yet and is intended to compete with the other Apple Watches. The Apple Watch Ultra has a battery life of months. The Apple Watch Ultra started arriving to customers on Friday.