Do you ever feel that movies are too long? They are a length of a TikTok. Rest of World reports that some TikTok creators are making short films.

There are a number of popular creators in this genre. You can look through tags to find others. According to Rest of World, many of these accounts are by Chinese creators who use a virtual private network and a service to bring these clips to their audience.

The accounts split a video summary into two or three parts, and give explanations of the plot that are often translated from Chinese to English. A summary of the film Bombshell can be found in one of the videos titled "The adventures of the aristocratic abandoned baby". Many of the movies that are made outside of China don't include actual movie titles in their caption or video.

Movie clips that arerimmed are getting a lot of views on the platform. One told Rest of World that he makes $1,400 per month, while the other said $350 per clip.

These bite-sized videos seem to be introducing people to new films, and some want to see the whole thing. You will read a comment where someone asks for the name of the movie so they can watch it on TikTok.