You just gave birth to a baby. There is a new parent club. Your baby's firsts are already exciting to you. You are looking forward to the first three steps.

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You're tired at the same time. Your baby is consuming food at a rapid rate. They are not currently on a sleep schedule. There's a lot of crying. It all adds up to not much sleep for you and your partner.

It feels a lot right now. Don't fret. It's possible to get a new version of your life. It doesn't take a lot of effort and time. It can be difficult to remember when you are tired. You can use an online on your calendar here.

If you carry a calendar in your pocket, it can help you get back to order.

It can be difficult to get everyone ready for the day if you have a baby. You might prefer to sleep in your PJs after a long night of rocking. You need to get up and go on some days. Your online calendar can keep you on schedule if you want to maximize every moment.

Determine how long you need to get ready in the morning. Dress your baby now. You never know when a diaper will blow or when a baby will spit up. Set the daily calendar reminder once you know how much time you need. You will need to move in plenty of time to not feel flustered.

2. Being On-Time for Appointments

Do you remember the lack of sleep? It will make you forget a lot. It will last as long as you are sleep deprived. To make sure you don't let anything fall through the cracks, you'll need frequent reminders on your calendar and phone.

During the first year of your baby's life, it's important to see a doctor. It can be hard to rearrange if you miss one. Plug the dates and times into your calendar. The morning of the visit is when notifications should be set. You can make sure your baby gets all their vaccinations on time by knowing how well they are growing.

You will probably need reminders for yourself as well. It could be a doctor's appointment, lunch with a friend, or a meeting with the teacher. You don't want to miss it Don't forget to use your online calendar to keep track of your activities.

3. Create Signals for Workouts

Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising are important for new parents. When you can, you grab meals. It's easy to put on a few pounds when you don't have enough sleep or energy. You want to keep an eye on that baby bundle once they are mobile.

When you prefer to sleep, it can be difficult to squeeze in exercise. Set yourself up to succeed. You can use your online calendar to help here. It's a good idea to set your workouts to repeat daily on your calendar.

Maybe it is a morning walk while pushing a stroller. There are floor exercises that can be done with your child. It's important to choose something that you can stick with and dedicate that time slot.

Keeping a daily exercise schedule is the key to good mental health, so don't forget this aspect of life and dealing with your new little one.

4. Self-care

It can be hard to juggle everything you have to do with your baby. There are so many things to think about now. The bath water temperature should be checked. Before you leave, grab the bag. The car seat needs to be tight and secured.

Don't fret, it's normal if you're feeling stressed. You need to find time for self- care. Your baby will start sleeping after a few weeks. It is tempting to do the same thing in the middle of the night. Use your online calendar to encourage you to do something.

You don't have to be the same thing all the time. Take two days a week to meditate or practice yoga in your home. It's a good idea to set a reminder for a bath. You should include details on your calendar so you have a plan for your daily self-pampering.

5. Getting Ready for Bed

Your baby is going to be tired at the end of the day. They don't always tell you that they're tuckered out. You might forget if you are in the middle of a game of this little pig. Setting a calendar reminder to start the nighttime routine will help keep your baby sleepy.

The evening calendar notification will help your baby understand when it's time to sleep. The alert should be the melody of their favorite song. The bed-bath-story routine can be started at the same time every night. The end of your child's favorite book will cause them to fall asleep.

6. Keep Your Own Routine 

There are other people who will benefit from a nighttime routine. It could look a little different. Don't just collapse on the couch when your baby is sleeping. Take some time to tidy up the house.

As a trash night alert, use your calendar alarm. You won't miss curbside pick-up if you use this method. The 15th of the month is approaching. It's a good idea to remind people to pay the bills. Set an alert that tells you to go to sleep. It is too easy to be sucked into a show and sleep delayed. Don't do it, you have to get as many as you can.

7. Record Those Baby Milestones

Don't forget to record all those "firsts" while you use your online calendar to keep track of bath times and stories. Don't expect your tired brain to be able to time everything. Write it down in the calendar so you can remember it later.

There is another benefit to recording the first laugh or crawl. It is easier to keep the visual memory when you log it in. One day, your child will ask when they first used a spoon or say "Mama" Years from now. Let the calendar keep those details. All you have to do is look for something that jogs your brain.

Being a new parent can be enjoyable. There is also a lot of fatigue and memory loss. Don't get stressed about it. This is a phase of life that will last less time than you think.

You might need help remembering the important things. Maybe you just need a reminder about some things. You can use your online calendar to make sure you stay on top of it all.

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There are seven ways new parents can use their online calendar.