I don't just think about my favorite airlines when I'm at home, I think about them as well. Listening to airline boarding music is one of the most consistent ways that I integrate my favorite airlines into my life. The idea of listening to airline boarding music while at home might sound crazy to some, but when you hear some of these tracks, you'll understand why...

The best airline boarding music

I think we associate a lot of memories with music based on what we were listening to at the time.

I can't help but notice the boarding music that airlines use. It can be a small touch that sets the tone for a flight.

The boarding music that airlines use is almost always remembered by me. A good soundtrack can help set the tone for a relaxing flight for many people.

I wanted to make an update with my favorite airline boarding music.

  • For those who have shifted to “working from home,” I feel like some kinds of music really help with productivity, and for the most part airline boarding music music is great in that regard; it’s intended to be relaxing without being distracting
  • For many of us this is such a nice way to be reminded of our favorite airlines

There is a significant overlap between this list and my list of the best airline brands.

1. Qatar Airways

The introduction of Qsuites coincides with the introduction of boarding music, but I find it relaxing and calming. The local composer is Dana Al Fardan.

2. Etihad Airways

The Abu Dhabi-based airline has three different types of amazing boarding music. The boarding music from several years ago is still my favorite, and I listen to it often while working.

The newer track is very good.

The newest track is nice, but my least favorite of the three.

3. Qantas

I don't think there's a better way to relax or work than on Qantas, the Australian flag carrier has some spectacularly soothing boarding music, and I don't think there's a better way to relax or work than on Qantas. Nathan Cavaleri and Haydn Walker wrote the soundtrack.

4. Emirates Airline

The carrier doesn't play old boarding music anymore, but I still like it. I can't compare the radio hits played by Emirates to those played by other companies. It was so familiar to hear the music on the A380.

5. All Nippon Airways

When I listen to the track, I close my eyes and imagine myself in ANA first class, with apologies and endless gratitude. Fortunately, Japan will be opening again soon.

6. Oman Air

The Gulf carriers seem to know how to board music correctly. I love flying with Oman Air and its boarding music is one of my favorites.

7. Turkish Airlines

This isn't actually boarding music, but I can't talk about any airline music without mentioning Turkish Airlines' hold music.

It's a good idea to listen at your own risk because the music may stay in your head for a long time.

Turkish boarding music is pretty good.

8. Singapore Airlines

The music of Singapore Airlines is gorgeous. It doesn't get more calm than this, but there is something about it that doesn't feel as upbeat as some of the other boarding music out there.

9. Japan Airlines

This isn't the best music to work with, but it's still pretty cool. The theme song for Japan Airlines is "I will be there with you" The introduction of the film came at a time when Japan Airlines was about to begin flights to the US.

I listen to airline music at home. It is relaxing and enjoyable to work on because of it. On the average day, I listen to this for at least a couple of hours while I work.

I would love to know what other omaat readers like to listen to. I would love to have more music in my rotation.