Garrett Wilson became the first rookie wide receiver in Jets history to have 100 receiving yards and two touchdowns in a game. Scott Galvin/USA TODAY Sports
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The New York Jets are located in New Jersey.

This is the first thing. As an underclassman at Ohio State, Wilson watched as two rookies -- the Minnesota Vikings' Justin Jefferson and the Cincinnati Bengal's Ja'Marr Chase -- became instant stars in the National Football League. Wilson would like to be them.

He said that he wanted that. I was planning on doing that.

Wilson has a long way to go, but he's off to a great start and drawing comparisons to Jefferson. Cornerback D.J. Reed and tight end Tyler Conklin both said that Wilson has a similar vibe. He was a teammate of Jefferson's in Minnesota.

The way they move is similar to the euro stepping down the field. He has the ability to go up and get the ball after the catch, but he is so slippery. He was going to break out like he did last Sunday.

At 45, imagine Rodgers.

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It was the first time in franchise history that a rookies had 100 receiving yards and two touchdown in a game. The Jets have a poor track record when it comes to drafting players to play receiver.

He is the ninth Jets rookies to have a 100 yard receiving day. There was a 20-year gap before Moore did it. The person who did it in 2000 was LaveranuesColes. Al Toon did it two times.

Wilson said the Jefferson comparison was a big compliment. I would like to be a great person. I'm far away from that.

He's a little slower than Jefferson but he's a little bigger. He has the ability to play in and out. After playing mostly on the outside in Week 1, he ran most of his routes from the slot. He has seven catches outside and five inside from the slot.

After last week's breakthrough, he will be marked. We'll see how he responds.

There are two The Jets are looking for sacks against the quarterback who has been sacked 13 times in the last two games.

Are you excited?

The defensive tackle said that on the surface it was true. "Obviously, they're having some issues protecting -- not necessarily all on the O-line, but at the end of the day, you're going to be licking your chops to add to that number." We have to win those rushes and reps to make that number go up.

The team has talented linemen, but they are struggling for a number of reasons. The Jets have three sacks and are ranked 30th in the country. They have invested a lot in their defensive line so it's too early to panic. The pass rush has to be better according to the coach.

The players are aware of the situation.

"We hold ourselves in high regard and expect ourselves to dominate each and every time we put our hand in the dirt." We haven't put that all together yet We haven't put our dominance on tape yet, but there have been flashes of guys winning.

There are three. Some of the Jets' top free-agent acquisitions are off to a slow start. For a second, let's focus on Conklin.

Conklin has two dropped balls and two fumbled balls. In his first four seasons, he had only six drops.

He said he's good at ball security. I will get that straightened out.

There are four. Young man, the coaches want you to turn upfield quicker on outside zone plays. They want more running in the north and south. This is an adjustment for him since he was known for his patient running style.

Hall is getting comfortable with the scheme and knows when to start. He doesn't want to compromise his ability by thinking too much.

Hall's average time from handoff to line of scrimmage is slightly higher than the league average.

Jets cornerback Bryce Hall played only five snaps in Week 1 and was inactive in Week 2. AP Photo/Adam Hunger

There are five. The slide down the depth chart is stunning. He played more defensive snaps than any other player. He was a scratch last weekend. Hall was the odd man out because they only dressed four corners. He played five defensive snaps in the first week of the season.

Even though the team conducted a sham competition in training camp, Hall is still behind BrandinEchols. His game-day value is hurt by Hall not playing special teams. There's no need to trade him because he's under contract for another five years.

There are six. Jets quarterbacks with 300 yards, four touchdown passes and no turnovers in a game are a good example.

There are seven. Were you aware? Mann said last week's fake punt was his first attempt at a pass. He didn't throw the ball as a college punt. He got some advice before he ran on the field.

"Get into it"

The Jets haven't tried a fake punt in a year.

8b. Mangold will be in the Ring of Honor at halftime. There are a few thoughts.

The 29th pick in the 2006 draft was narrowed down to Mangold and Addai. The sentiment in the draft room was for Addai to go to the Colts. Mangold's league did not have Addai in it. GMs are criticized for blowing picks, but here's one that worked out well.

The Jets had the best centers for a long time. Mangold took the baton from Kevin Mawae. The team's downturn is due to the fact that they haven't been able to maintain that standard at the position.

8a. Mangold is only 38 years old and has an injured left tackle.

There are nine. Safety Ashtyn Davis has been criticized for not living up to expectations, but he deserves credit for his game-clinching pick up. It's rare for those kinds of plays. The last time a Jets player picked off a pass in the last 30 seconds was in 2015. It will be interesting to see if the coaches reward him by getting him on the field.

There are ten. Ricky Manning, Jr. does a balldrill on Thursday. There are all these quotes in his possession. The tackle made a great hustle play last week to recover a fumbled ball.