Two months after the 2020 election, Georgia's secretary of state announced plans to replace election equipment in one county.

A computer forensics team was hired by Donald Trump's allies to travel to Coffee County. The company representative said they made complete copies of the election management system server. Two men who have been involved in trying to undermine the results of the 2020 election spent hours inside the elections office with access to the equipment.

The false claims about the voting machines were made by Trump and his supporters. There was no evidence that voting equipment was malfunctioning.

An investigation into the unauthorized access to the equipment by former Coffee County election officials is continuing, according to the Secretary of State.

He said that anyone who broke the law should be punished. Coffee County's election officials should be able to move forward with the upcoming election without this distraction.

The release said that former election officials in Coffee County allowed access by unauthorized individuals to equipment that should have been secured. The footage was produced in response to subpoenas issued by the plaintiffs in the long running lawsuit that claims the state's voting machines aren't secure.

The county replaced its election management server in June of 2021. The county will get 100 new voting machines, 100 printers, 10 precinct scanners, 21 tablets used to check in voters, and new flash cards and thumb drives before early voting begins.

Marilyn Marks is the executive director of the Coalition for Good Governance, which is involved in the voting machine lawsuit. Since their replacement last year, they have been used with other potentially contaminated equipment.

Election officials in the state's most populous county, in and around Atlanta, fired a worker after learning that they had shared personally identifiable information with someone outside the organization.

The person responsible for the incident is no longer employed by Fulton County. Fulton County is a safe place to work and live. Credit monitoring services will be provided to every individual affected by this incident.