The Artemis I unmanned lunar rocket sits on the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center before launch on September 3, 2022Image source, Getty Images
Image caption, If the rocket is not lunched by 5 October, the next window will run from 17-31 October

The launch of the most powerful rocket in history has been delayed because of a storm.

The Artemis I Moon rocket was going to be launched on Tuesday.

The US state is at risk of being hit by a major Hurricane as tropical storm Ian strengthens and could make its way to Florida next week.

The launch of the rocket was previously delayed.

After 50 years, astronauts and their equipment will be sent back to the Moon by the SLS vehicle.

The first launch failed at the end of August due to technical problems, while a second attempt was hampered by a fuel leak.

The Artemis I team is expected to make a decision on the return of the rocket on Sunday.

This would allow for more data to be gathered.

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There is a guide to the moon rocket.

The space agency wants to send the uncrewed capsule around the back of the Moon before sending people to the moon. The agency wants to send astronauts back to the moon by the year 2025.

If the SLS needs to be protected, it will miss the current launch window.

Jim Free said that a step-wise approach to the decision to roll back preserved a launch opportunity.

Ian gained strength as it moved over the Caribbean. The projected path takes it just south of Jamaica and into Florida.

There is a chance of heavy rains in the Florida Keys and South Florida.