The Washington State Department of Transportation decided to close all lanes of the I-90 bridge from Mercer Island to Seattle in order to relieve some of the traffic on I-90.

Due to the extreme traffic conditions created by the I-90 mainline being closed on Friday, the decision was made to close the entire road.

If you want to travel west of Lake Washington, you'll need to use the state Route 520 toll bridge or the interstate.

The West Mercer Way on-ramp to I-90, as well as the other ramps at the I-90 and I-405 interchanges, were all closed on Saturday.

The bridge's sign said "WB I-90 Bridge Closed" and "No Access to Seattle."

To relieve some of the congestion caused by the expansion joint repair on WB I-90 we have/are:•Closed the W Mercer Way on-ramp to I-90•Updated signs to say: WB I-90 Bridge Closed and/or No Access to Seattle•Closing the Bellevue Way SE direct access ramp


September 24, 2017:wsdottraffic.

Emergency vehicles and King County Metro vehicles will still be able to cross the I-90 bridge.

If you're going to Seattle this weekend, be sure to allow extra travel time because of the major events.

"Closures during large events are not ideal but in this case it can't be avoided." said Shawn Wendt.

Special services will be offered by Sound Transit for the game.

The expansion joint on the west side of the island is being replaced during the closure.

On Monday, the bridge is expected to be closed until 5 a.m.