KATERYNA TYSHCHENKO was born on Saturday, 24/09/2018.

President Volodymyr Zelensky states that the Ukrainian government guarantees the treatment of captured Russian soldiers and the chance not to return to Russia.

Zelenskyy is in a video appeal.

Ukraine guarantees three things to each Russian soldier who surrenders.

  1. You will be treated in a way that is respectful.

  2. No one in Russia will be aware of the circumstances of your surrender.

  3. If you don't want to be exchanged, we will provide that as well.

Zelensky said something in Russian.

Russian commanders don't care about the lives of their citizens, they just need to fill the empty places, after other Russian soldiers were killed, wounded, captured or simply escaped. These places can be filled with either young IT-workers who did not serve in the army at all, or retirees who only served in the soviet army.

The time when it is to be decided if you will live or die is now. It is better to die in a foreign country as a war criminal than to be summoned to military service. If you want to participate in the aggressive war, it's better to escape from a criminal unit than to be crippled. It is better to surrender to Ukrainian captivity than it is to die in the war.

He said that all of Ukraine's territories will be liberated.

There is a background to this.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on September 21 that Russians would be partially mobilised.

  • The plan is for 300,000 to be mobilised. There is a secret clause in the decree that allows the Ministry of Defence to summon a million people for the war.

  • The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation was amended by the president on 24 September.

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