Will Jimmy G and the 49ers score a big road win vs. the Broncos? (1:15)

Ryan Clark thinks the 49ers will win against the Broncos. There is a break between 1:45 and 1:45.

11:43 PM AST

Just days after Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett said he was confident in his coaching staff and its ability to repair game and clock management issues, he has hired Jerry Rosburg as a senior assistant.

Rosburg retired after working for the Baltimore Ravens as a special teams coach. Rosburg was in the Broncos' team facility this past week to participate in meetings, and he was hired as the Broncos prepare to face the 49ers on Sunday night.

Rosburg will be in the booth.

During the week, he and his staff could work out the problems that have plagued the team, but this is a departure from that.

When asked if he planned to hire a more veteran coach to assist in game-day operations with the offense, as he had with Dom Capers on defense, he said, "I'm very confident in our staff and everyone that we have." Everything is open in the air. Everyone is great for us. We have to communicate better. Getting the right information starts with me.

The issues that had arisen in the first two games were the subject of lengthy meetings with the coaching staff.

He was asked after Friday's practice how he felt about the team addressing those issues. We feel like we are always getting bigger. We're always getting better as a team and as a person. We need to keep improving.

The decision to attempt a 64-yard field goal in Week 1 in Seattle rather than allow Wilson to convert a fourth-and-5 had been criticized. He said he probably should have gone for it.

The Broncos have been assessed four delay of game penalties so far this season, including two on field goal attempts during last Sunday's win over the Houston Texans. The Broncos used their last timeout in the second half because they couldn't organize. The Texans used a timeout in the second half when they didn't have Montrell Washington on the field to return punts.

The crowd at Empower Field at Mile High counted down the play clock when the Broncos had the ball in the fourth quarter.

He said that he and his staff have reviewed how many people are talking to him on the headsets at any one time.

9 News Denver reported that Rosburg was hired.