Dynamic Island close-up on iPhone 14 Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

After years of squeezing the life out of the status bar, Apple has finally updated its design. The Dynamic Island is a bar atop the display that houses Apple's TrueDepth camera and Face ID tech.

It's an exciting feature that some of the original equipment manufacturers are considering using. Some fans of the operating system would like to see a similar feature on their phone. We want you to tell us what you think of Dynamic Island.

Dynamic Island is named for the way apps can interact with the bar, seemingly extending from the bar to show various bits of glanceable information when you're not directly interacting with the apps. You can see the status of certain accessories connected to the phone, view apps currently playing audio and expand the island for control, or even view directions from Maps.

The fact that Apple took a huge cut out in its display and turned it into a fun, useful feature is sheer brilliance that I would have expected from Google.


His wish may come true, as a theme developer has already started working on an implementation.

dynamicSpot displaying a notification on an Android phone

(Image credit: Jawomo)

Dynamic Island can be found on other developers' versions of the phone. There is a version that works with the hold-punch camera cutout that Jawomo has created. It doesn't have the same level of integration as Apple's because it's more of an extension of the notification app on the phone. Some features are hidden behind a paywall.

For the first time, it seems like Apple may have a feature thatAndroid may want to copy, even if it's just an evolution of features. Do you agree? The camera cutout on most of the phones in the world should be changed.