The end of a royal event in the United Kingdom. There is a war in Europe. Household budgets are being cut due to a constant drumbeat of inflation. There is always a concern that the epidemic isn't over. The world is not normal, and anxiety levels are high. People are turning to Adam Levine because things are so bad.

The Maroon 5 singer has been the subject of claims that he sent flirtatious messages to women on social media. Sumner claimed that Levine cheated on his wife. Levine admitted to speaking to women in a flirtatious way, but denied that he had a physical affair. Several women claim to have received messages from Levine.

The meme machine has given all-new fodder to the internet's meme machine, making it impossible to scroll through social media without being confronted by jokes.

Alex Turvy is a PhD candidate at the University of New Orleans who studies the spread of meme. There are both in this one.

Levine's sexts are vague enough to be used in many different situations. They are the same as some of Maroon 5's songs. Turvy says that the genre of meme requires almost zero cultural literacy.

A lot of people are creating them. People have changed Levine's request that he "may need to see the booty" to "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk" and " 25 Ks". It was a gift and we need to incorporate it into the vocabulary.

"Seeing someone so polished be so cringey in text to express a feeling that we've all had at one point is the perfect combination of celeb relatability." Don Caldwell is the editor in chief of Know Yourmeme. They are memeable because they are like a teenage boy writing them.

Thebooty is one of the things Levine is accused of. This week, there was another two-part missive. On the face of it, it is a sign that a woman is attractive. It was taken out of context by the internet's meme makers and turned into an homage to mozzarella sticks.