Trump declared on his Truth Social account that he was second only to Jesus.

"Jesus is the greatest" was posted by Truth Social useraustinnegrete. Donald Trump is the second greatest president.

There was an image of a painting of Jesus.

The Jesus comparison was reposted by Trump.

Supporters of the former president have compared him to Jesus before.

According to Barry Loudermilk, Jesus was treated more fairly before his crucifixion than Trump was.

Loudermilk said that Pontius Pilate gave Jesus the chance to face his accusers when he was accused of treason. Pontius Pilate gave more rights to Jesus than the Democrats did.

White, conservative evangelicals who approved of Trump's performance as president promoted the idea that he was heaven-sent, according to the Washington Post.

trump on stage with religious leaders
Local religious leaders pray alongside President Donald Trump during an "Evangelicals for Trump" rally in Miami, FL on Friday, Jan. 3, 2020.
Photo by Scott McIntyre/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Trump made these big statements himself. Trump told reporters in August that he was the one who would trade with China. He described him as the King of Israel and the second coming of God.

He claimed in October 2020 that he was the most famous person in the world. In North Carolina, Trump said Jesus Christ was more famous than him.