We return to our roots and revisit our first hit: reviewing four classes on the same British Airways flight.

The original video was published in May of this year and has been viewed over 180 million times. It started our journey to almost 400,000 subscribers and 71 million views on The Points Guy UK.

We boarded a refurbished British Airways Boeing 777 for the second time, this time with the Club Suite, British Airways' new business class product. The product we featured in our last video has been upgraded. The plane was flown from LHR in London to IAD in D.C.

The full video can be watched below.

There is a breakdown of our individual experiences on the plane.

First class — Ben Smithson

There is a seat in this picture We paid a total of 68,000Avios.

Compared to British Airways business class, this was an upgrade. It was a lot better than I anticipated. The food was presented well and tasted good. I would love to be served this in a five star hotel.

The terrace of the Concorde Room lounge was an airy, light-filled space ideal to enjoy a glass of vintage champagne while escaping the crowds in the terminal below.

The seat doesn't have enough privacy so it needs a sliding door. Business and first class seats on this flight have doors. The inflight entertainment screen was old and not very high resolution. The indoor dining booths in the Concorde Room are dark and gloomy, even though the terrace is nice.

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British Airways first class is still better than business class.

Club Suite — Liam Spencer

The seat is fifteen thousand dollars. We paid over 50 thousand dollars.

One of the most spacious business class seats I have flown is this one. The real star of the product was the fully closed door.

All of the food was delicious. The best curry I have ever eaten on a plane was recommended to me by the cabin crew, and I decided to eat it for lunch.

The club suite cabin was clean and fresh. The product has been around for a few years and hasn't shown signs of aging.

Some changes could be made. The bed in the club suite could have been wider. The bedding was fine, but the footwell was small.

I was granted access to the British Airways business-class lounges at the airport. These aren't a bad place to relax before your flight lounges, but are way behind other business at Heathrow in terms of comfort.

World Traveller Plus — Nicky Kelvin

There is a seat in this picture We paid $367.

It is rare for airlines to have a separate check-in queue for premium economy and the queue was very short.

The seat was large and comfortable, and the smaller cabin gave a sense of privacy. The food and amenities were close to what you would find in business class. The food was very good. Any appetite was satisfied by the large meal.

The ground experience is the same for economy and economy only has a separate check in line. While the seat was very comfortable for a day flight and had a decent recline, I found it hard to sleep in it on an overnight flight.

World Traveller — Maren Gimnes

There is a seat in this picture We paid a total of 13 thousand airmiles.

The friendly crew and efficient service made me happy. I liked the design of the seat and the amount of legroom.

I got a bottle of my own wine instead of a glass.

It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't all bad. It was difficult to rest against the window because of the large amount of space between the seat and the fuselage. The meat was dry and the vegetables were good. The headphones were not good and you should bring your own to watch the entertainment.

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