I pointed out in my review that the inner mesh of the ear tips is slightly different than the ones in the original earbuds. That is one of the reasons why Apple advises against using first-gen tips on the new model. The support page for the AirPods Pro ear tips has been updated with a new section stating that the ear tips have been designed to deliver the highest fidelity audio experience.

Use the ear tips that come with your AirPods Pro.

Is it possible that a looser mesh pattern could affect sound quality? It's very subtle if it's there. I didn't notice any sound changes when I swapped between the first and second-gen tips. Both pairs had the same effectiveness with noise cancellation. It's possible that lab testing equipment can reveal some differences between the tips, but you'll probably have a harder time listening to it.

Music again sounded balanced when I used an old tip in one ear and a new one in the other.

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The old and new tips should be sold separately, instead of being switched over to the new version. The company isn't making more money from the new ones

If you need to switch to a backup set from your old pair, you won't notice any major issues. The foam tips that people might have bought for the original AirPods Pro fit perfectly. Much of what is inside the latest AirPods has been upgraded and improved, but the ear tips are the same.