Portraits of Demis Hassabis and John Jumper.

AlphaFold is an artificial intelligence that can predict the structure of the human body. The prize is called the breakthrough prize.

The AlphaFold artificial-intelligence system has won the most lucrative awards in science. The tool that has predicted the 3D structures of almost every knownprotein on the planet was created by the two men.

Mohammed AlQuraishi is a Computational Biologist at Columbia University. Structural biology has changed as a result of it.

The award was one of five that were announced on September 22nd.

Award-winning AI

AlphaFold was created from the success of Alpha Go. Lee Sedol, a master of the strategy game Go, was defeated by the artificial intelligence in 2016 It was never supposed to be an end in itself. I wanted to use artificial intelligence to speed up scientific discovery. After returning from South Korea, the team focused on folding.

The system created a stir in November 2020 when it won the biennial CASP contest. The team was forced back to the drawing board after the earlier version of AlphaFold failed to win in a convincing way. The right balance between the data and the architecture is what machine learning is about.

The next steps for AlphaFold and the revolution of artificial intelligence.

More than half a million researchers have used the machine-learning system since DeepMind released an open-sourced version of AlphaFold. In July of this year, DeepMind released 200 million structure predictions. The data has been used to tackle a variety of problems.

Christine Orengo, a Computational Biologist at University College London, says that this is a major breakthrough because they made it available and gave all the structures. She says that the achievement was made possible by the gathering of a lot of data.

Hassabis said he was stunned to learn he had won a prize, and Jumper said he couldn't believe it. Some of Hassabis' winnings will be donated to educational programmes aimed at increasing diversity and to support schools in rural Nepal.

Sleep science and cellular systems

The sleep scientists at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and the University of Palo Alto, California, were awarded the life-sciences breakthrough prize for their discovery of a deficiency of the brain chemical.

The condition was diagnosed thanks to two researchers who are giants of the field. She says that patients were able to know what was wrong instead of being told to stay awake. Drug treatments are currently being developed in clinical trials.

There are US$3-million prizewinners.

He plans to use the money from the prize to establish an endowment for research. He noted that his own discovery was possible only because he was free to go on a fishing expedition with no guarantee of success.

A third life-sciences prize was shared by two scientists for discovering a mechanism by which cell contents can organize themselves.

Quantum pioneers

The four founding members of the field of quantum information are: Peter Shor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, David Deutsch at the University of Oxford, Charles Bennett at IBM in New York and Gilles Brassard at the University. Ultra-secure communications and computers that might one day surpass standard machines at some tasks were the result of their research.

I was surprised to find out I had been awarded the prize. Others have done a lot. One day, quantum computers may be able to break large numbers down into their prime factors, thanks to the first potentially useful quantum algorithm developed by Shor. Much of the internet traffic is based on large prime numbers and this raises the possibility of cracking them. Nikita Gourianov is a quantum physicist at the University of Oxford.

Daniel Spielman, a mathematician at Yale University, is the winner of the prize. The development of error-correcting codes to filter out noise in high-definition television broadcasts was one of the achievements of Spielman.

The prize was founded by a Russian billionaire. They are sponsored by a number of Internet entrepreneurs, including the CEO of Meta.