A caller reported seeing someone throw a plastic tote over a bridge from a moving vehicle.

A witness flagged down a deputy for help after she walked her dog.

The dog could be seen inside the bag as the resident looked from the top of the bridge.

A rescue officer and a deputy with the sheriff's office responded to the scene. A young female was found inside a small blue plastic tote that had been thrown away.

A dog gets stuck in a gate in Florida.

The animal was pulled to safety after the pair climbed down the steep embankment.

Daisy was the deputy's rescue name, according to the incident report.

The 2-year-old dog wasn't hurt. The post of the dog was shared by the sheriff's office.

Daisy seems to have found a home. That makes us feel good.

A Florida woman drowned a dog and then uploaded the video to social media.

The rescue organization said that despite the story having a happy ending, it's still unclear why someone would throw the poor thing in the water.

A person heard a noise from a storm drain. You can see the rescue.

animal services doesn't know why this happened Daisy was dumped near the shelter. Hundreds of private rescues are willing to take in a dog for foster or adoption. Someone chose to do this act of cruelness.

A bystander saw the incident and Daisy was lucky that she did. Animals have no reason to be treated this way.

Commenters said yes.

A social media user wrote that they would never understand how people could have such bad souls.

Some people can be cruel.

One posted in all caps, "WTF is wrong with people?"

Someone gave a shout out to the organization.

My baby was rescued from OCAS and she is my angel. I don't know how she was abandoned, she's in a better place now.