Need to explain yourself, Favre.

A pet project of a volleyball court has been accused of being a diversion from Mississippi's welfare fund. His daughter played for the team and he could have made a donation himself. The injustice is compounded by the fact that Mississippi is the least developed state in the union.

There is no way the media can find out where it came from and how much it cost. The Mississippi officials are said to have received a text from the quarterback.

Even though reporter Anna Wolfe broke the story, it is still a sports story. The framing of the financial story in sports is a choice.

It is a familiar story in sports and it is easy to make fun of it. State and city governments are often asked to pay for private stadiums and infrastructure. The base principle is the same, even though they make an economic argument about the return on that investment that may or may not happen.

David Berri is a sports economics professor at Southern Utah State. There was only one person threatening to leave the state.

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The cravenness of the man may be corrosive. It isn't. Public funds are diverted to sports projects all the time in the economic story of sports. The public money could be used for any number of worthy projects if the sports owners were to win tax breaks.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul was a big fan of the new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. According to USA Today, the owners of the company are worth $5.8 billion. It is possible that the stadium deal took money away from the poor.

It's all public money.

Money from public money goes to the poor, roads and clean water. Every tax dollar that is used to fund a pristine NFL stadium with luxury boxes and personal seat licenses is money that can't be used for other things. The commissioned reports predicting that the taxpayer money will drive economic growth are good stories, but they can't predict the future and they are documents designed to convince public officials to part with their money.

Cleveland can help when it comes to re- election. It's clear from the excellent reporting at Mississippi Today that Gov. Phil Bryant was a big fan of the quarterback.

Berri points out that there is more to this story than meets the eye. There is a facility for women's volleyball. Women's sports infrastructure doesn't get tax dollars that go to men's sports. It's often a mixed-use facility when they do.

Billions of dollars have been spent on MLS stadiums, but not the NWSL. Billions of dollars are spent on the NBA and the NFL.

The kind of story that a sports outlet would handle now is this one. Broadcasters don't tear down sports legends. The first draft of history is more important than the first draft of sportswriting. The process of reporting this piece was discussed by Anna Wolfe in a recent interview. A poverty reporter got a lot of sports writers.

Where has the criticism been for the man? This is something that professional sports team owners do to their communities on a regular basis, even though he has violated some core principles about taking money from the poor. The value a team adds to the community is talked about.

That is true for a portion of the community. There is a part of the community that doesn't like the idea of lead-free pipes.