Michigan State v Maryland

The Michigan State Spartans defeated the Maryland Terrapins in College Park, Maryland on February 1, 1992. The photo was taken by Greg Fiume.

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Mady Sissoko used to walk to middle school in his bare feet because he didn't have shoes.

He and many of his classmates did the same thing.

Sissoko said that he walked to school with no shoes.

Sissoko, the youngest of 10 children in a family that grows corn in a village 12 hours from the capital of Bamako, had a notebook and pencils to take notes in class, but many of his friends and classmates didn't own those.

Half of the Malian population live below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day, and the average skilled worker has an annual salary of about 1,500 dollars.

After coming to the United States to pursue a better life through basketball, Sissoko is in a position to give back to his home country.

All of Sissoko's marketing revenue will be donated to The Mady Sissoko Foundation in order to help the poor people in Africa.

The first college athletes to donate NIL money to a worthy cause are thought to be him and his friend.

Sissoko moved to this country when he was 15 and he knows what it is like to live in a poor country.

I have an opportunity to help a lot of people over there, so having this NIL stuff gives me an opportunity to do that. I want to help people so they can have a better chance in life.

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Mady Sissoko is a football player at Michigan State.

Mady Sissoko

Tom Izzo said that Sissoko's charitable efforts are in keeping with his personality.

Izzo was not surprised to hear that Mady would use his NIL opportunities to help other people. He works so hard and is dedicated to being the best that he can that we just love him. I'm not surprised that he created his own foundation to help the poor people of where he grew up in Africa, and to help create solutions for drinking water and English classes. He is a kind and generous man who cares a lot for people in his hometown. The good that we all can do is demonstrated by Mady.

Sissoko was brought to the U.S. after being discovered by an administrator for an eye care practice in Utah. Sissoko committed to Michigan State in September of last year after playing basketball at Utah's Wasatch Academy.

Kentucky's Oscar Tschiebwe will reportedly earn $2 million in NIL money through workarounds, despite the fact that international players are not allowed to benefit financially from NIL.

The attorney explained that if Sissoko donated his money it wouldn't violate any rules.

The president and founder of Helium Sports said that if the income is donated to charity then it is fine.

They have to give the money to the Foundation and use it for charity.

The current "NIL College Basketball Top 100 Rankings" show seven players from the Big Ten Conference with valuations ranging from $80,000 to $867,000.


Mady Sissoko was the youngest of 10 children in the African nation of Maldive.

Mady Sissoko

Brantley thinks that Sissoko's profile will allow him to make a difference.

He said that they would be able to raise a minimum of $50,000 for The Mady Sissoko Foundation.

Student-athletes at Michigan State University are paid $700 a month by United Wholesale Mortgage for their social media posts. One of the first conversations we will have is with UWM, a Detroit-based street wear brand that specializes in luxury street wear.

With Mady's social media presence, on-the-court abilities, and overall likable personality we will definitely have opportunities to align him with other brands to help us meet and exceed our goal which will have a significant impact on his home country.

Sissoko has many goals for his foundation.

He would like to help provide materials for school children.

Most people going to school don't have much for the kids, but they don't know what to do after that

Sissoko wants to help with solutions for drinking water and to give them more health care so they can take better care of themselves.

Sissoko wants to become a professional basketball player and give back more to his home country of Maldive.

He said that his goal was to help at home and give them a different perspective on life. They should be given ideas on jobs after they finish school. I would like to help my family, but it is not just for them.

I would like to help more people outside of my family.