The new date is Sep 23, 2022.

CNN reports that Donald Trump is asking a court to allow him to shield information from the Justice Department as it investigates the January 6 attack on the Capitol building and Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Donald Trump

The Covelli Centre was visited by former President Donald Trump.

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According to sources briefed on the legal battle, Trump wants a court to allow him to shield some information from the grand jury that is part of the DOJ's investigation.

Under grand jury secrecy rules, everything about the case is under seal and has not been made public.

CNN reported that former White House counsel Pat Cipollone, deputy counsel Patrick Philbin, former Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff and an attorney for the ex-president all declined to testify in the investigation.

Eric Herschmann, a Trump administration attorney, has criticized the Trump team's guidance over what he wasn't allowed to tell investigators as confusingly vague and potentially putting him at risk of being held in contempt if he didn't answer

It is hard for other Trump aides to know what they can tell investigators because of Trump's privilege claims.

The Justice Department and Trump's office did not respond to requests for comment.

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Will Trump's claims be successful? CNN says that if they fail, it will be a boon for the DOJ, which can now get testimony about conversations with Trump from his closest aides and other closely-held information that would shed light on his post- election activities. Some attempts to shield communications with Trump through attorney-client privilege have already failed in court. An exception that allows otherwise privileged materials to be disclosed if they are deemed to be in furtherance of a crime was used by the judge. It is not clear if Trump will be able to shield documents under executive privilege, as courts don't have clear precedent on when that is and is not allowed.

Key Background

The Justice Department is conducting a wide-ranging criminal investigation into January 6 and the aftermath of the 2020 election, which has already resulted in nearly 900 participants in the Capitolriot being charged and more recently expanded to look more closely into Trump and his allies. The fake electors scheme and ex-DOJ official Jeffrey Clark's attempt to stop Georgia from certifying President Joe Biden's win are being investigated. The investigation has become more focused on Trump in recent months, with witnesses asked about their conversations with the ex-president, according to multiple reports. The New York Times reported in mid-September that the DOJ had issued 40 subpoenas in less than a week and seized the phones of two people in connection with the investigation. Former White House Chief of Staff MarkMeadows and former Trump social media director Dan Scavino are among the ex-Trump officials who have been subpoenaed.


The documents that were being kept at Mar-A-Lago in Florida were being investigated by the Justice Department. After a judge ruled in his favor, the ex-president went to court to ask a third-party special master to remove certain documents from the DOJ's possession. A federal appeals court has allowed the DOJ to keep the materials it seized at Mar-A-Lago and not turn them over to the special master, which means Trump can't stop them from being used in the agency's investigation.

CNN has an exclusive on Trump's secret court fight to stop the grand jury.

The Justice Department. There are 40 Subpoenas in a week.

The team of lawyers is marked by infighting and possible legal troubles.

The Save AmericaPAC is under investigation.

Here are who else has been asked to testify in the DOJ probe.