The federal investigation into Gaetz's alleged sexual conduct with teenage girls has taken a turn for the worse after it was reported that two key witnesses were unreliable.

Berman at House Judiciary Committee

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is not likely to be charged with sex traffickers.

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The Washington Post reported that it was unlikely that the Department of Justice would reject the advice.

A bombshell New York Times report last March uncovered the investigation over accusations the representative paid a 17-year-old girl for sex and paid her to travel with him across state lines, which Gaetz denied

An indictment had seemed imminent in May, 2021, after a former Capitol Hill staffer, one of Gaetz's ex-girlfriends, agreed to testify.

In exchange for dropping most of the charges against him, Greenberg pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of a minor and provided assistance to prosecutors.

The New York Times reported that Greenberg had told federal prosecutors that Gaetz had paid a teenager for sex.

Greenberg had previously admitted to making up allegations that a teacher who ran against him in a campaign for tax collector had sex with a student.

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Sources told the New York Times that federal investigators launched an investigation into sex traffickers in March, 2021. According to reports, prosecutors were focused on whether Gaetz and Greenberg sent cash and gifts to women in exchange for sex, as well as whether Gaetz traveled to the Bahamas with a 17-year-old girl to have sex with her. One of the women Gaetz is accused of taking on the trip will testify before a grand jury. Gaetz said that he has provided for women he's dated in the past. I've spent money on flights and hotel rooms. I've been kind as a partner.

There are no charges against Gaetz in the sex-trafficking investigation.

According to a report, Matt Gaetz will talk to the feds about child sex traffickers.

The ex-girlfriend of Matt Gaetz was spotted in court as a grand jury investigated sex traffickers.

The Feds are looking into Matt Gaetz's sex trafficking investigation.