The cars' powered windows fail to detect obstacles, like your hand, in their way while closing due to a bug.

The window automatic reversal system might not react correctly after detecting an obstruction according to the NHTSA.

The recall applies to the Model S and Model X cars.

It's technically correct that the issue can be fixed with a software update, but it's not true that it can be done over the air. Most people won't need a car to go to the shop.

Mounting Issues

The popular EV manufacturer has drawn scrutiny before.

An audible chime that plays when either the driver or front passenger isn't buckled in was a flaw that led to an update for over a million cars.

Even though the updates are relatively minor, they probably aren't happy with the additional scrutiny. The NHTSA is looking into crashes that may have been caused by the Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features of the car.

In its home state of California, the state's Department of Motor Vehicles filed a complaint against the company for advertising "untrue or misleading" about its products.

This recall probably won't hurt the company much, but it could cause some problems.

The prices of theTesla Superchargers in Europe have gone up.