Invest 98L formed in the Caribbean and is expected to become a Hurricane. There is a lot of uncertainty about the track of the storm this far out from a possible landfall in Florida.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the forecast calls for the system to approach the Florida peninsula as a major Hurricane by day 5.

At 11 a.m., There was a tropical depression with winds of 35 mph. It was going west-west at a high rate of speed. The storm was close to the coast.

There are spaghetti models and storm activity for Florida.

You need to know what to look for in the guide.

The current track of Tropical Depression 9, which is expected to become Hurricane Hermine, ends with a landfall near Sarasota-Manatee on Wednesday.
The current track of Tropical Depression 9, which is expected to become Hurricane Hermine, ends with a landfall near Sarasota-Manatee on Wednesday.

There is a chance that Tropical Depression Nine will strengthen into a tropical storm by tonight. The National Hurricane Center expects it to become a Category 2 storm by the time it hits Cuba. If it crosses over Cuba it is not certain how strong the storm will be when it hits the Gulf of Mexico.

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There is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for the next few days. A more accurate forecast can be made after the system forms into a storm.

Hermine would be the name of the storm if it became a named storm. Tropical Depression Ten formed over the eastern Atlantic. According to the National Hurricane Center, it will be short lived.

Will Hurricane Hermine hit Sarasota-Manatee?

Though Hermine is not expected to become a Hurricane until late Sunday or early Monday, most of the models show it hitting Florida. It is still not certain if the storm track predictions will be accurate.

Christianne said that the track is still unclear. The center of the storm is wobbly in the beginning. It's not certain that it will make that turn towards Florida.

When will Hurricane Hermine hit Sarasota-Manatee?

If the National Hurricane Center is correct, Tropical Depression 9 will increase in intensity and become Hurricane Hermine by Monday and will impact Florida on Wednesday.

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The Hurricane Guide has tips to stay connected during and after the storm.

Sarasota-Manatee government response

According to the information outreach manager for the county, the Emergency Operations Center is partially activated today but without permanent staff.

The officials from the county put out a statement on their social media saying they are keeping an eye on the storm.

Brianne Grant is a media relations officer for the county. We recommend residents to review their plans, prepare go-Kits and visit our website to get storm tips.

Tropical Depression 9 (to be Hurricane Hermine) National Hurricane Center Update

At 11 a.m., Sept.23:

  • The location is east-southwest of Kingston.

  • The maximum wind speed is 35 mph.

  • The direction is west-northwest.

  • The next advisory is 5 pm. Time.

At 11 a.m., the sun rises. The center of Tropical Depression Nine was located at latitude 14.2 North. The depression is moving towards the west. A turn towards the west-northwest and northwest is expected on Sunday and Monday.

The center of the storm is expected to move across the central Caribbean Sea through Saturday, pass south of Jamaica on Sunday and approach the Cayman Islands on Monday.

The winds are strong with higher gusts. There is a chance that the depression will become a tropical storm by tonight. On Sunday and Monday, more significant intensification is predicted.

There is an estimated central pressure of 1006 MB.

The original article was on the Herald-Tribune. There is a storm in the path of the city.