Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up two Kindles at a press conference in 2012. The ebook reader was originally released in 2007.

Amazon has changed its return policy for those who buy books on its website. Users who have read less than 10% of the book will not be accepted.

I prefer the feeling of flipping through the pages of a bound book more than the ebook reading experience. I empathise with the ebook community as Amazon has changed its return policy for digital literature. Previously, the tech giant allowed customers to return books they purchased after seven days, but a new policy influenced by the Authors Guild now only allows customers to return books they have not read.

The Authors Guild said in a press release that their discussions with Amazon's senior executive team resulted in a major breakthrough. The process will create a strong deterrent against buying, reading, and returning books within seven days, and readers who attempt to abuse the return policy will be punished.

The new policy seems to be designed to prevent quick readers from returning books for their money back. According to Vice, TikTok creators and viewers explained how to game Amazon's return policy in a trend called #ReadAnd Return. The new policy is helpful to self-publishing authors who sell their work on the platform.

Authors who self-publish on Amazon are hurt by returns as royalties are deducted from their earnings. The author doesn't get to keep the money they made from it, if an individual book is returned, because it has no longer been sold. Authors have been rightfully frustrated and concerned about this previous policy, with Lisa Kessler stating that "Amazon is not a library"

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The Authors Guild says there will be a change later this year.