nia long, ime udoka

Even though the team busted Udoka months ago, he kept her in the dark about his affair.

nia long

The couple are connected to the team. After moving to Boston with Kez, her 10-year-old son with Ime, the couple was looking for a new home.

When she moved, Ime was already aware that he was having an affair with a married staffer. Ime was aware that the team was aware of the affair and was launching an investigation.

We're told that Ime knew it was going to go public and that she only found out about it a few days ago.

nia long, ime udoka

Shannon Barr is the person who tells the story. It means a lot to me that my family, friends and the community have supported me in this time of need. As I deal with the recent events, I want my privacy to be respected. I am a mother and will focus on my kids.

As soon as the Celtics announced they would be punishing Ime, the social media backlash against him and support for him was immediate.

The Celtics suspended him on Thursday night.

Ime apologized to the Celtics organization, fans, and his family for letting them down. I accept the team's decision and apologize for putting the team in this situation. I will not have any further comments out of respect for everyone.