Some lucky flyers can now get free inflight wi-fi.

Eligible subscribers will now receive free internet access on United flights.

T-Mobile subscribers who have the MAX plan will be able to use the internet on United. One hour of internet access is available on all other flights under the former plan. unlimited free inflight wi-fi is given to Magenta MAX subscribers.


Eligible aircraft have streaming capabilities. Both domestic and short-haul international flights will only be covered by the United and T-Mobile partnership when it starts.

This includes everything.

  • Entire Boeing 737 fleet, including the MAX 8 and MAX 9.
  • Select Boeing 757-300s.
  • Select A319s.

The rest of United's narrowbody fleet, as well as its long-haul and regional jets, are provided with internet access by the company.

If you're a T-Mobile customer, you'll get free inflight wi-fi on all United domestic and international flights.


United is the latest airline to offer free wi-fi to T- Mobile subscribers. T-Mobile customers can use the free wi-fi on select American, Alaska and Delta flights.

Frequent flyers can use T-Mobile. High-speed international data roaming is included in many plans. When roaming, you'll get unlimited internet access once you've maxed out your 5G data allowance.

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That's in contrast to the two other major U.S. cellular providers, which charge users $10 a day to roam internationally.

United has improved its inflight internet service with the addition of T- Mobile. New pricing for everyone else was introduced by the carrier.

Domestic and international flights now cost $8 per device. Depending on the duration of the flight, the cost of internet access varies. I paid $16.98 for a flight from Newark to Nice, and $23.98 for a flight fromBrussels to Newark.


United changed its name to United The airline made it easier for first time users to connect to the network by redesigning the splash page.

Hopefully, United will commit to offering free wi-fi to all passengers in the future after Friday's announcement. That's something Delta is planning to roll out, as well as an option that has been offered by JetBlue.