If he chooses to play for Bangladesh, he can become a beacon of inspiration for the next generation.

The Muslim athlete support group's latest member is a former England U21 player who recently opened the door to the possibility of playing for Bangladesh.

According to the story on Sky Sports, the next generation of kids will have a renewed sense of belief if he plays for Bangladesh.

If he chooses to do that, I think it could be a fantastic thing.

Watford's Hamza Choudhury and Burnley's Manuel Benson battle for the ball
Image: Watford's Hamza Choudhury and Burnley's Manuel Benson battle for the ball

He could be a real beacon for young Bangladesh kids, who could look to him and say I can do that.

Someone who can encourage others to take up the sport is hamza. I think it would be positive for many people if he did it.

Since joining the Hornets on a season-long loan with an option to buy, he has been a stalwart in the side.

He has been a pleasure to work with. He is a person who gives everything he has. You can see that in his performances. I can't say enough good things about him.

Rob Edwards will be the Watford head coach from the 2022/23 season
Image: Rob Edwards took over as Watford head coach over the summer

The best is still to come from him. He's a good player and a good person.

The ESEA Hornets, the club's East and South East Asian fans' group, were delighted to welcome a British Asian to the football club.

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The first British-Bangladeshi to play professionally, Anwar Uddin, talks South Asian representation in football with Watford's Hamza Choudhury. Nujum Sports ambassador Choudhury is the only British-Bangladeshi ever to play in the Premier League

The Frank Soo Foundation, the Sky Sports and Sporting Equals partnership, and the ESEA Hornets formed a group to promote East and South East Asian inclusion in the 'Beautiful'.

The lounge used by the players and their families on matchdays has refreshments for guests to enjoy.

Football made ESEA event at Vicarage Road
Image: Alicia Tang, Alan Lau and Lawrence Lok spoke at the event at Vicarage Road

The panel discussion inside the press conference room was hosted by Josh Sim.

Karen Stephanou, lead for equality, diversity and inclusion at the community sports and education trust, told Sky Sports News that it was a great evening, bringing together different communities and supporters' groups. We've gotten feedback from people about what we can do to support communities and raise awareness.

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Highlights from the Sky Bet Championship match between Watford and Sunderland

Lau said it was an important event and a good start. The goal was to get people in the room talking so that we can make progress.

It has been great working with them. It's almost too easy if you know how to get it and how to be open to what you want to do. I think it's amazing that the club reciprocates that love for me.

British South Asians in Football

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