On September 21st, a United Airlines Boeing 777 was forced to return to Newark after sparks and debris started to fall from the aircraft as it climbed out of Newark.

The plane was flying from Newark to Sao Paolo. While the aircraft was climbing out of Newark, the crew noticed sparks coming from the system. The pilots dumped fuel and landed in a holding pattern about 70 NM southwest of New York after they left.

The plane returned to Newark due to a technical issue. Passengers were re booked onto other flights after the flight was canceled. The emitted sparks are shown in the footage.

United 777 returns safely to Newark Airport following a technical issue, reportedly a problem with its hydraulics. A photo appeared on social media of suspected falling debris from the aircraft.

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“After our aircraft experienced a mechanical issue shortly after takeoff, it remained in the air to burn fuel and then landed safely. Passengers deplaned at the gate and a new aircraft is scheduled to depart this morning.”

United Airlines spokesperson

United Boeing 777 Grounding and Flight Cancellation

According to reports, United Airlines canceled some flights this week to inspect the wing slats of some of its planes.

The leading edge slats on many of United's jets were not inspected as required by the FAA. The FAA required United to ground 25 of its Boeings.

The FAA and United have been working together to get the remaining jets back to service.

“We’ve completed inspections on 10 of those aircraft, and are working with the FAA to return others to service while inspections are ongoing over the next two weeks.” 

United AIrlines spokesperson

A problem was discovered in an audit and reported to the FAA. Most of the flights that were canceled were international.

After being grounded for over a year due to a problem with the aircraft's external engine covers, United's PW4000 powered fleet has recently returned to service.

The wing panel inspection was not related to the engine cover issues at all. The area where the slats extend during take-off and landing will be inspected.

FAA to Lift Grounding of United Pratt & Whitney Powered 777s

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