The company's leadership was reluctant to take strong actions against Donald Trump's account according to the person who testified before the panel.

She spoke with The Washington Post after testifying before the committee. She shared that she spoke with congressional investigators because she was worried about the future of democracy after seeing the former president spread false claims of a rigged election.

"My fear within the American context is that we have seen our last peaceful transition of power," Navaroli told The Post. She said that Trump is not the only one spreading false claims of election fraud.

The policy expert was part of the team that created the content moderation rules. The interview with Navaroli was played by the House select committee.

During the testimony, it was revealed that they were reluctant to impose any strong punishments on Trump's account because they were aware that he was the most used service of the former president.

The congressman asked if Trump would have been able to keep his account if he were not a user.

She said that if the former President were any other user on the social media site, he would have been permanently suspended.

The violence of the insurrection, which killed five people and injured many more, was foretold by Navaroli.

The company did not adopt a stricter content moderation policy after Trump told the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by.

She told the committee that she was concerned that the former president was giving instructions to extremists. We hadn't seen that type of direct communication before and that worried me.

When Trump talked about a big protest in D.C. on January 6th, she sounded the alarm again.

She said that if we didn't intervene, people were going to die on January 5th.

According to The Post, the company's executives said that the company took unprecedented steps during the election.

Last year, he left the social networking site. She is a fellow at the university.

She sat with multiple people for the panel. Full transcripts of her interviews could be included in a more complete report from the committee that will be released this year.

She told The Post there was a lot more to say.