The first major update to the new operating system was released today. Apple confirmed this week that it would release an update next week that would address a number of bugs, including an annoying copy and paste bug, and a bug that caused the camera to shake in third-party apps.

The fix for these and other bugs was supposed to arrive next week, but the company didn't give an exact launch date.

According to the update text, this release addresses an issue with the phone's camera, which may vibrate and cause blurry photos when shooting with third-party apps.

Apple did not give a reason for the camera to shake but it appears to be a software issue and will be fixed in an update. The problem was not widespread.

There was a lot of pop-ups asking if the app had permission to read the clipboard.

The feature was designed to protect the privacy of users, as the prompt would highlight when the clipboard was being read, even if users weren't aware that was happening. Dozens of other apps were also guilty of snooping on clipboard data. The prompt was appearing multiple times, which made it difficult to concentrate.

An Apple executive admitted in an email to an impacted user that the paste permission pop-ups did not represent the intended behavior and would be fixed. The company acknowledged many users were having the same problem and that the issue was not caught internally.

This is one of the fixes in the update.

One of the issues addressed with this release is an issue where VoiceOver wasn't available upon restart, as well as one where touch input was unresponsive on some older models.

There was a hint that Apple had fixed these issues in the latest public version of the OS X operating system.

The update is available to all users. You can check for the update directly if you don't see it yet.