Brazil's beaches are no different from any other country's. There is a perfect stretch of sand for every situation, whether you want a party atmosphere or a place to bask in the whisper of the surf.

You can surf, sunbathe, snorkel or kitesurf along the Brazilian shoreline against a backdrop of samba, festivals and breathtaking nature. Here are the best beaches in Brazil.

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1. Copacabana and Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

Best beaches for a party vibe

Copacabana and Ipanema are the first stretches of sand that come to your mind when you think about Brazil. Local families, rambunctious soccer enthusiasts, hip young things, relaxed retirees and excited tourists all come here to enjoy the surf and sunshine. You can get a caipirinha cocktail from a beach kiosk in the city.

It's a good idea to respect the currents at Rio's beaches and only swim at Ipanema.

Surfers and swimmers at Barra da Lagoa beach in the late afternoon in Florianópolis, Brazil
Surfers and swimmers take to the water at Barra da Lagoa beach  © Ines Sacramento / Shutterstock

2. Florianópolis

Best beaches for water sports

The city of Florianpolis has long been favored by travelers from Brazil, Argentina and South America. The capital of the state of Santa Catarina is a coastal city with many names, but most people think of Ilha de Santa Catarina, the island on which most of the city is located.

There are more than 40 different beaches to choose from on this island. Lovers of paragliding, windsurfing, kite surfing and hiking are welcome here, as are novices. While away the days, the lagoons of Lagoa do peri and Lagoa da Conceiao are some of the prettiest places to visit.

The best beach towns in the south of Brazil.

Person walking over a sand dune in Jericoacoara, Brazil
Jericoacoara is a beguiling mix of rolling sand dunes and miles of blue lagoons © Rosie Bell / Lonely Planet

3. Jericoacoara

Best beach for dunes

There is a bohemian village with trees dressed up in dream-catchers and streets covered in sand. At the point where rolling sand dunes come together with blue lagoons, there is a special place that Brazil has to offer. The waters offshore are a kitesurfer's dream, and if you take a wander on the dunes, you may not meet another soul for miles.

Duna do Pr do Sol is the best place in Jeri to start your evening. You'll know it's time to find a perfect spot when the mobile caipirinha cocktail vendors wheel themselves up the dune.

It's the best time to visit Brazil.

4. Praia da Trindade

The best beach in Costa Verde.

There are several gorgeous beaches that sit in a neat row along the shoreline at Praia da Trinidade. If you want to see more of the Costa Verde coastline, these beaches are a great place to go. The Piscina Natural do Cachadao, ringed by greenery and giant boulders, is a great place to swim while the surf is rough.

A small boat with a large colorful sail is moored in the shallow waters at Porto de Galinhas, Brazil
Turquoise blue waters and inviting surf make Porto de Galinhas a popular beach stop © Pollyana Ventura / Getty Images

5. Porto de Galinhas

Best beach for seafood snacking

People love Porto de Galinhas because it is a port of chickens. The beaches of Praia do Cupe, Praia de Muro Alto and Praia de Maracape are popular with surfers. Street food is taking on a new meaning along Porto de Galinhas. There is a seafood cart on the beach. Many beachgoers leave with saudade, a feeling of joy for what was and a longing for what isn't anymore, because of the turquoise blue waters, sun and surf.

6. Ilhabela

Best beach for nature

The island is called the " Beautiful Island". This UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve is home to forest-covered mountains with numerous endemic and protected species of animals and plants, drawing nature enthusiasts from near and far with the promise of spectacular wildlife watching and orchid spotting.

There are many beaches in ilhabela. Some are lively while others are quiet. If you want to get a sense of island life, hit the beaches near Vila or head further out to the heart-shaped former pirate hideout of Praia dos Castelhanos.

Divers are well-rewarded on Ilhabela, which is home to many wrecks. Narwhal is a trustworthy dive operator.

Tropical beach with palm trees and white sand in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
Find your own personal paradise on the beaches of Salvador da Bahia © Christophe Schmid / Getty Images

7. Salvador da Bahia

Best beach for Afro-Brazilian culture

The spirit of Africa can be found in the third largest city in Brazil. The acaraj bean patties, also known as akara in Nigeria, and the Afro-Brazilian martial art dance of capoeira were both born in the same place. The days are spent surfing, swimming and sunbathing on the beautiful beaches here. There are two popular sandy spots.

If you want a quieter beach experience, head to Itapu. In his song Tarde em Itapu, he describes the neighborhood as a peaceful place to listen to the sea and discuss love.

8. Ilha Grande 

Best island beaches

Ilha Grande was once a leper colony and is now an eco-friendly hub for outdoor adventures. There are more than 100 stunning beaches that ring a leafy interior that is surrounded by nature trails. Ilha Grande is a laid-back island with great surfing and quiet streets.

Woman relaxing at Maragogi beach, Brazil
Maragogi beach is one of Brazil's most relaxing escapes © MesquitaFMS / Getty Images

9. Maragogi

Best sandbar beach

Make a beeline for Maragogi if you have dreams of sandbars floating in the water. The beach town is known for its piscinas naturais, natural pools that play host to colorful sea life. There is a sandbar where you can walk into the middle of the Atlantic. Praia Central is the main beach and Praia de Antunes is a good looking one.

The most famous natural pool is easy to organize through beachfront restaurants or hotels at low tide.

Forest on the edge of the turquoise waters at Baia do Sancho, Brazil
Only a limited number of visitors are permitted to visit Baía do Sancho each day © Ramesh Thadani / Getty Images

10. Baía do Sancho

Best beach to escape the crowds

Fernando de Noronha has a gem called Baa do Sancho. Spectacular turquoise waters, excellent snorkeling and minimal crowds are just some of the things this beach has to offer. It takes a bit of planning to visit Fernando de Noronha as the islands are part of the national parks system and only allow a certain number of visitors per day, but you will be rewarded at the best beach in Brazil.

The sands at Baa do Sancho are only accessible by boat or a downward cliff climb and must be paid for by the state government.

The article was first published about a year ago.