I just had the chance to fly in the business class of Fiji Airways, and it was amazing. Since I know many are booked on the Los Angeles to Nadi route due to the amount of award availability we have seen, I wanted to give you my initial impressions.

Fiji Airways’ impressive A350 business class

The airline has two A350-900s, which are used for the main Los Angeles to Nadi route. I don't know if the only one who likes the livery is me. It is easy but enjoyable.

Fiji Airways Airbus A350

Most of the interiors of the A350s were handed over to the airline by Hong Kong Airlines. The business class seats on the A350 are excellent. The cabin feels generic with white and cream color finishes, but the pillows, blankets, and headrests give it a bit of personality.

Fiji Airways A350 business class cabin
Fiji Airways A350 business class cabin

I had flown the A330 business class before and it didn't have aisle access. It is obvious that this is a huge improvement.

Beyond the seat, what stood out to me was how well-rounded the experience was, all while offering some lovely local Fijian flair that reminds you that you are going to paradise.

Fiji Airways A350 business class amenity kits
Fiji Airways A350 business class bedding

What was the experience on the flight? There were drinks and snacks after the flight.

Fiji Airways business class meal service

There were several choices for dinner. I had a sweet potato and coconut soup and a side salad with cherry tomatoes and avocados.

Fiji Airways business class meal service

I had a delicious vegetable curry for the main course.

Fiji Airways business class meal service

There was a dessert that was delicious.

Fiji Airways business class meal service

The breakfast was served before the plane touched down.

Fiji Airways business class meal service

I always enjoy watching the tail camera on the A350 because it was dark for most of the flight. There is free wi-fi on the A350.

Fiji Airways A350 moving map
Fiji Airways A350 tail camera

Fiji Airways’ awesome LAX lounge setup

There is a lounge at the airport. The airline is a partial oneworld airline member Premium passengers can use a lounge.

  • Fiji Airways directs business class passengers to the Star Alliance business class lounge
  • However, business class passengers can also choose to use the oneworld business class lounge if they’d like
  • Best of all, oneworld Emerald members can use the Qantas First Lounge

Is there another airline that will let you choose between the Star Alliance or oneworld lounge? That is pretty great.

Qantas First Lounge LAX

Does Fiji Airways have the South Pacific’s best business class?

Business class is not the same as Qsuites or The Room. The product impressed me on at least two fronts.

  • For a primarily government owned airline of a small nation, Fiji Airways has to be one of the most well-run airlines out there; the airline is run with discipline, has a great on-time performance, offers a very good passenger experience, and was profitable pre-pandemic (the South Pacific was closed for much of the pandemic, so there’s not much Fiji Airways could do the past couple of years)
  • Honestly I think Fiji Airways might just have the all-around best business class experience in the entire South Pacific; the hard product is way better than on Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, and Hawaiian Airlines, and personally I’d even fly Fiji Airways business class over Qantas business class (Qantas doesn’t have Wi-Fi on its long haul jets)

Keep up the good work. It's refreshing to see a government-owned airline do well, and drive a lot of tourism to the country.

What a pleasure to fly with Fiji Airways!

Bottom line

The new business class experience of the A350 is better than ever. This is an excellent product to one of the most beautiful places in the world. I would highly recommend it if you have the chance.

What did you think of the A350 business class?