Image for article titled Update: Yes, Instagram Is Down

You can consider yourself lucky if you can access your account right now. According to thousands of user-generated reports, the app was down for some users.

The issues were fixed at 2:30 p.m. The official communications account of the app exclaimed, "And we're back!" Many responded to the alleged fix with screen shots of their accounts not working.

Here’s the backstory

The folks at Insta confirmed on Thursday that some people are having trouble accessing the photo sharing service. Things are being worked on to get them back to normal. I apologize for any interruption and hang tight!

It is a big problem for some people who use the app to communicate or run business accounts. The creation of a meme poking fun at users of the app having to check other social media sites to see if the app is down was a good way to amuse them.

We will keep you up to date on what happened so you can scroll through the thirst traps, vacation pics, and reels again.