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Some Marriott Bonvoy members wake up with an extra 10 elite nights in their account.

Changes to the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card were announced today. The card now has 25 bonus elite nights per year, up from 15 nights in the past.

If you have the card open, you can get complimentary Platinum Elite status. This is going to be posted to other accounts. 50 elite nights per year is required to qualify for Platinum Elite.

Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant card has a lot of benefits.

There are 10 bonus nights. Scott Mayerowitz was re qualified for titanium elite status overnight.

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If you have a Bonvoy Brilliant card, it's a good idea to check your Marriott account. There is an extra 10 nights under the "Bonus Nights" section.


The 40 elite nights earned from co branded credit cards are shown in the picture above. If you stack the nights earned with a business card from Marriott, you can get over halfway to top tier status without going to a Marriott hotel.

The new Bonvoy Brilliant benefit makes Marriott elite status a lot simpler to earn. You will get more benefits when you open the card.

The full explanation of the changes to the Brilliant card is included in the information on the co brand credit card changes.