Stephen A.: The only question surrounding KD is his leadership (1:55)

According to Stephen A. Smith, Kevin Durant has proved he's an elite scorer, but he hasn't shown he can lead the Nets to an NBA Championship. 1:45

NBArank has been ranking the best players in the league for the past 12 years.

Where are the candidates for the Most Valuable Player? What about rookies and young stars who are ready to play in the NBA?

Who is entering his twentieth season?

To get the final NBArank prediction, we asked our experts to vote on pairs of players.

We wanted to know which player would be better in 2022-23. The voters had to guess what the players would do.

The players are 100-26 and 25-11. The league's top 10 superstars are ranked today.

The NBArank panel, made up of over 200 reporters, editors, producers and analysts, was asked to rank players based on their predicted contributions for the 2022-23 season only.

No. 10: Devin Booker

Matt York/AP Photo

The Phoenix Suns are a basketball team.

No. 15 in the NBA in 2021.

Booker is only 25 years old and already a three-time All-Star and coming off an All-NBA selection, he should be the top shooting guard in the league for a long time.

He rose five places.

After leading the Phoenix Suns to a league-best 64 wins in the regular season, Booker's year came to an abrupt end. The Suns were knocked out of the playoffs in the second round, with Booker shooting 9-for-31 in the two games against Dallas.

Booker's 26.8 points per game ranked 12th in the league. He's going to use those scoring skills in crunch time. Booker shot 42.1% from 3 in the first nine minutes of the season's first quarter last year. Do you mean in the last three minutes of the quarter? He shot a high percentage from the field and deep.

There is one big question for 2022-23.

The Suns have won 74.6% of their regular-season games over the past two seasons, but are defined just as much by their flameout as they are by their success. The weight of expectations has been missing from Booker's rise to All- Star status. He will need to win big in the playoffs if he wants to keep his spot in the game.

Where the top tier of superstars is reserved for players who dominate both ends, what room for growth remains for Booker? He uses angles and his feet to do his damage on the offensive side. He is known as a heady player who can operate within a team scheme. Can he become more aggressive with his stops and scores to keep climbing up the list of the best?

Dave Mc Menamin is a person.

No. 9: Ja Morant

Joe Murphy/NBA/Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzles.

31 in the NBArank.

Morant might be the NBA's most entertaining player, a high-flying acrobat with a demeanor that creeps toward arrogance. He's made the show a must-watch.

He rose 22 places.

Morant went from promising franchise to superstar in a single season. His scoring soared more than eight points per game to 27.1, elevating Morant into the top echelon of offensive weapons and earning him his first All-Star berth.

He's a pure point guard who is a dominant interior scorer despite his small stature, as Morant has a breathtaking blend of explosiveness, finesse and fearlessness. Over the last 25 seasons, he has been the only guard to lead the league in paint points.

There is one big question for 2022-23.

Morant can get better. His slender frame makes him a target on the defensive side and he has a tendency to lose focus.

Imagine how difficult Morant would be to defend if his 3-point shot continued to improve. If Morant is able to make guards pay for going under a screen, he will be hard to contain.

The person is Tim MacMahon.

No. 8: Kevin Durant

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets are based in San Francisco.

1 in the NBA in 2021.

After requesting a trade out of Brooklyn, no player drove the NBA's summer conversation more than KD. One of the most intriguing questions in the league is how he meshes back into a Nets culture after requesting the firing of Steve Nash and Sean Marks.

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Why did he fall?

He was one of the best players in the world when he was playing. He was unable to stay on the floor.

He missed most of the season for the second year in a row due to a knee injury. Over the past two seasons, he has played in 90 games. In order for the Nets to return to the top of the East, they need to see if they can keep their star player healthy.

There is one big question for 2022-23.

The big question for the Nets is if KD will stay with the team. The Nets are one of the most interesting stories in the NBA because of the emotional ups and downs of the season. If and when times get tough, what will happen? Is old frustration going to get worse?


No. 7: Jayson Tatum

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Boston Celtics are in San Francisco.

No. 14 in the NBA in 2021.

Coming off his first All-NBA appearance, winning the Eastern Conference finals Most Valuable Player, making his first trip to the NBA Finals, and playing for a team that is projected to contend for the league's best record, Tatum is poised to make another leap.

He rose seven places.

When the Celtics finished seventh in the East in 2020-21, they didn't make any of the All-NBA teams, but that didn't stop him from being a deserving first team member this past season.

Along the way, he set a career-high of 26.9 points per game, continued to raise his 3-point attempt rate and is one of the best two-way wing players in the league.

There is one big question for 2022-23.

Ime Udoka has stressed the importance of continuing to improve the part of Tatum's game that makes him a passer, which will allow him to move from a player in the back half of the top 10 to one vying for the top spot.

During the playoffs, they averaged seven assists per game, up from the regular season average of four. He shot 32% from 2-point range in the six games he played against the Golden State Warriors.

The person is Tim Bontemps.

No. 6: LeBron James

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The LA Lakers are in SF.

3 in the NBArank.

There's a lot at stake for James in his 20th season. He needs 1,323 points to become the NBA's all-time leading scorer, but the Lakers' success or lack of it will affect how the moment is viewed.

On Wednesday, October 19th.

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