Dmitry Peskov
Russian President Vladimir Putin's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images
  • Putin said that 300,000 people would be drafted into the military.

  • The son of a top Kremlin official was pranked and told he was going to join the army.

  • The issue will be resolved on a different level, according to the son of the man.

The son of a senior Kremlin official was pranked by a group of people who told him that he was going to be drafted and that he had to fight in Ukraine.

The son of the press secretary to the Russian president was called by the hosts of a Russian channel.

The prankers pretended to be recruitment officers and told the man that he needed to go to a medical exam the next day.

According to a video shared by independent Russian news website The Insider, the younger Peskov told the prankers not to bother him. I don't think it's right for me to be there. I have to find a different way of resolving this.

If I have to defend my motherland, I will do so, but you need to understand the political implications and nuances of my situation.

The call came after Putin announced a partial military deployment. 300,000 people would be drafted immediately, according to Russian officials.

Some people tried to flee the country and others protested after his announcement.

Dmytri Peskov told the Russian news site Podyom that the conversation had been taken out of context and that his son would make the correct decision.

The US sanctions his wife and children less than a month after Russia invaded Ukraine, accusing them of living "luxurious lifestyles that are incongruous with Peskov's civil servant salary"

His son, who was educated in the UK and grew up there, was banned from traveling to the country by the British government.

Peskov served in the Russian army from 2010 to 2012 after returning from his studies in the UK. He worked for a Russian television station.

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