Liquid natural gas specialists like Cheniere Energy are some of the sector's leaders. - MarketBeat

Houston-based Cheniere has risen in the past three months and the year to date. The stock increased in value after it reported on August 4.

Each of the past five quarters has seen revenue growth increase. The stock pays a dividend. The company paid a dividend in 2020. The yield is currently 0.79% The company has a share buy back program which can increase shareholder value.

There was a surplus of natural gas during the week of September 16. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, domestic natural gas consumption is expected to increase this year.

Natural gas prices can go up or go down depending on the weather forecast and temperatures.

Mizuho Boosts Price Target

According to MarketBeat analyst data, the investment bank increased its price target from $167 to $174. There is a potential upside of 7.71% with the price target. The analysts have a price target on the stock.

There is potential for further price growth despite the recent price increases. The structure low was set on July 14. It's a mini-version of capitulation within one stock, and generally clears out the weak holders while creating an opportunity for those with more conviction to scoop up shares at a lower valuation.

GolarLNG and Enterprise Products Partners are two natural gas stocks that have recently undercut prior structure lows.

Golar is the owner and operator of marine-based natural gas infrastructure. Chartering of carriers and storage vessels is one of the things it does.

In the past three months, the stock has advanced 20.05%. Since mid-August, it has been pulling back, slicing through its 50-day moving average. The S&P 500 gave up early gains on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve decided on interest rates.

After declines in six of the past eight quarters, revenue grew in the most recent quarter. After six quarters of losses, earnings picked up in the last two quarters.

A Pivot To Profitability

The analysts expect earnings per share to increase to $2.11 per share this year. Since 2015, losses have been on the heels.

The earnings forecasts may bode well for Golar. Golar is a small cap stock that is prone to be more volatile than a large stock. Golar has a beta of 0.82 compared to Chenieres's. Smaller stocks are more volatile than larger ones so be aware if you choose to buy them.

Large-cap Enterprise Products Partners has a. The company is structured as a master limited partnership and has a high yield. It is one of the largest oil companies in the world and operates a number of facilities.

Smaller companies can't do many of the projects that Enterprise can. The company is investing in the industry.

All of these stocks, along with other top price performers like Energy Transfer Partners, appear set for more growth despite any market downdraft due to the Fed.

The charts of these stocks can be watched to see if they get back on track.