Nobody's sexts would stand up to scrutiny. There is no way to sext if you don't sound like an outsider. They are designed to be read by a small group of people. It's each to their own. Sexting with a famous person makes for an inherent frisson. Tiger Woods was rumored to have had a relationship with a server named Jamiee Grubbs. The New York Post published a purported transcript.

Jaimee: I drove out for the night to surprise a friend with a present for there birthday

Tiger: what kind of present your naked body

There is something childish about changing the subject from benign day-to- day activities to nudity. A stickler might be interested in the missing parts of the English language. Let's not be snobbery about it. Do these things matter in the dark?

The New York Post reported that Woods said, "you just need some attention from me." Which seems ok. It is committed and mysterious enough to invite more discussion. It's not bad at all. The secret is that we will always be together. Sylvia Plath might have written this.

There is nothing unusual about these types of texts. They argue that they are perfect. If you have secured the appropriate consent and you are not harassing someone, you should be free to express your desires. I have a couple of tips for famous people if they want to send me a message. Don't try to talk to a teenager. It's always good when people compliment you. Flattery doesn't hurt anyone. How hot you are, it's truly unbelievable. It's hard to be angry at that.