A lengthy hands-on video has given us a detailed look at the device that was never released. This new video shows off the phone's design and features from every angle, which is far more comprehensive than the previous video.

The device looks finished, that's the most surprising thing. I assumed that it was an ambition rather than a concrete plan since it was stated that it would be released before the end of 2021. A device that is almost ready to be shipped to stores is shown in a hands-on video. The device is thought to have come from a prototype that was sold to employees by the company.

LG Rollable’s box.

The device is in a package. The image is.

LG rollable, front, rolled.

While rolled, the front of the device. The image is.

The main draw here is that screen, which measures 7.4 inches corner-to-corner while fulled extended and shrinks down to 6.8 inches when rolled, it's the main draw. The frame of the phone gradually expands to unfurl its flexible screen, like the one I tried out last year. There is a display on the back of the device that appears to show notifications.

The video shows how strong the phone is and how it can push a pile of books across a desk. There are somewrinkles on the right side of the phone's screen. It is not clear how durable the display is or how many rolls it can hold. I was told by Oppo that it wanted to reach a rating of 200,000 rolls before turning its prototype into a consumer device, and I am not sure how close it came to achieving that.

LG Display’s rear notification display.

There is a display on the back of the device. The image is.

LG’s unreleased rollable smartphone

The device was put on the ground. The image is.

The circle on the back that was thought to be a third camera sensor is actually a fingerprints reader. The sim card slot is hidden on the back of the phone, and can be seen when the phone is not in use. The device is powered by the same processor as the flagship year the device would have released, with 12 gigahertz of ram, 256 gigahertz of storage, and a 4,500 watt battery.

There is a good chance that one of the rollable devices will make it to market one day. Two other companies have expressed an interest in the technology, including the prototype mentioned above. It feels like it's only a matter of time before one of the rollable screens is cracked.