A YouTuber crash-tested the Crash Detection feature on the iPhone 14 and found it to work in the event of a crash.

Tech Rax published a video today in which his team can be seen remotely controlling a car with an Apple device strapped to the driver's seat as they attempt to hit a stationary vehicle.

The remotely controlled car crashed at low speed after a series of near misses and the addition of several more decrepit road vehicles that form a wall to make for an easier target.

After a brief delay, the Crash Detection feature in the iPhone 14 Pro is automatically activated, and the phone is able to call emergency services.

On the second try, the car hurtles into the wall of vehicles at a higher speed, its hood collapsing in the crash. The team manually canceled Apple's Crash Detection feature again.

The fact that the feature activated as expected should give confidence to those who keep the feature on their phone.

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During Crash Detection, the motion sensor with a high dynamic range and high-g accelerometer,GPS, barometer, microphone, and advanced motion algorithm work together to accurately detect a crash.

Crash Detection is supported on all the models of the Apple watch.

I would like to thank Sonny!