It is always a gamble to shop online. You won't know if the fit is right until you try it on.

Walmart's "Be Your Own Model" allows customers to virtual try on its selection of clothes. The app uses "algorithms and intricate machine learning" to accurately shape the clothes around a customer's body.

Walmart says its app takes into account how fabric might drape and how shadows might be. The feature is compatible with over 270,000 clothing items.

The only thing that could possibly happen? The "Be Your Own Model" feature requires customers to be pretty scantily clad, with tight underwear and a top. It is more than a little intrusive. It's not clear whether the feature will be as effective as other similarly tight clothing.

Fashion Model

Walmart acquired a virtual fitting startup called ZeeKit.

It doesn't look like Walmart's newfangled feature support's men's fashion at all

Is anyone using this? Walmart has been accused of violating privacy laws in the past with pictures of naked people. The release of revealing photos of many customers would be a disaster. If any of them are children, that's terrible.

Is the feature easy to use? It's definitely true. Software will be able to do the same thing without making you strip in the future.

Walmart plans to deliver drones to four million households.