A photo of Windows 11 on a laptop

I have been holding out for about a year, but the Windows 11 2022 Update may be the one that makes me upgrade from Windows 10. Improvements to the user interface will be part of the new features coming to Windows 11. An improved native video editor is one of the new accessibility features that brings Windows 11 up to par with other operating systems. Some of the new Windows 11 abilities are listed here.

How to download the Windows 11 2022 update

It is easy to get the new version. You can check for new updates if you are on Windows 11 or higher.

If you are like me and still using Windows 10, Microsoft suggests you use the PC Health Check app to make sure your PC is up to date. I know my computer is working, but I have been holding off to make sure I don't interrupt my work. You should check for the update the same way you would on Windows 11.

Microsoft will continue to provide periodic updates for Windows 10 through October 2025.

Improved Windows throughout

A screenshot of Tabbed File Explorer

The Windows operating system has always been praised by Microsoft for its ability to assist you in multitasking. Like an internet browser, file explorer has tabs. The new home page in File Explorer gives you quick access to recent files and anything you like, as well as files and folders you have pinned. Additional suggestions will be offered based on your accounts.

When you drag and snap on a touch-enabled PC, the snap layout will feel less choppy. If you use Microsoft Edge, the update introduces snap layout for multiple browser tabs so you can keep open links contained within the app instead of placing them all over the desktop It should be simpler to wrangle multiple browsers.

The Photos app is getting a new look. The new update will help you find what you're looking for. Microsoft took a page out of Apple's and Google's book by introducing Memories, which combines similar pictures and shows them with a little bit of narrative. I don't know how that will work with my archive of Beverly Hills, 90210 screencaps, which is all I keep on my PC.

If you copy a text, phone number, or future date, the Windows 11 update will suggest additional actions, but only if you stay within the company. The system will suggest ways to call a number. You can add a date as an event in the calendar app if you copy one.

The new interface improvements will be available in October.

First-party tools for working from home and elsewhere

A screenshot of Clipchamp

The latest Windows 11 update comes with a lot of ways to get things done without having to find a third-party app that does it for you.

Better notification control is the first thing you need to do. There is a new feature called Focus Session that will silence notifications across the system. You can't see the badges if you get distracted. You can use it to remind you to take breaks.

Windows Studio Effects can be used to improve audio and video. Artificial intelligence is used to help you look better than you feel. Background noise is a feature most conference apps already have. Children and animals run around when working from home.

You shouldn't have to use a full-blown editing suite just to cut up a few seconds for a class project because Windows' new native way of editing video is exciting. If you want to make something a little more polished, you can use the additional templates and effects in the program.

Live captions and more accessibility features

A screenshot showing Live Captions on Windows 11

Live caption system-wide is a new feature in Windows 11. It used to be possible within specific Windows apps, but now you can do it whenever you want. Live caption can be moved around to make it more comfortable to read.

Another accessibility focused tool coming to Windows 11 is voice access, which allows you to dictate text with your voice. The feature will help you understand how to use your PC. When you use voice access, you can ask it to help you along the way, and it will let you know how it heard your query, so that you can adjust your requests as necessary.

Natural voices for Narrator has been added by Microsoft. Microsoft said it got tons of feedback for the new voices.

PC gaming, of course

You probably play a PC game if you run Windows 11. The controller bar is going to be part of the update and it will allow you to switch between games and launchers. When you press the Xbox button on your controller, it will show up.

The graphical improvements for windowed games are added to the Windows 11 update. The overall smoothness of the game should be helped by the variable refresh rate support, which will be provided by any game running the newer version of the software. These abilities are now available in full screen games.

Better security is coming

This build of Windows 11 has security features that Microsoft promised in April. Smart App Control, which uses a security chip embedded within the computer's processor to help provide additional security, and Microsoft Pluton, which uses a security chip embedded within the computer's processor to help provide additional security, are included. The Local Security Authority will be turned on by default on enterprise-specific PCs. There are new security features at Microsoft.

The new version of Windows is called Windows 11 2022, or version 22H2. The new tabbed file explorer will be released in October. If your machine isn't up to spec, you won't be able to get the update.