The wait is over, American Airlines has unveiled its new business class seats. There are two types of business class seats. There will be these on long haul aircraft.

American’s new Flagship Suite business class seats

New business class seats will be installed by American Airlines. The seats are going to be installed on new planes. The new seats will be added to existing Boeing 777s.

A new premium economy product with completely restyled cabins will also be installed. The seats will have new finishes, but nothing is known about the economy. The details should be looked at.

New American Airlines Boeing 787-9 cabins

American will be taking delivery of 30 Boeing 787-9s in an ultra-premium configuration with just 244 seats. There will be 101 business class seats, 32 premium economy seats, 18 Main Cabin Extra seats, and 142 economy class seats. There are only 30 business class seats in American's current Boeing 787-9s. The new planes are meant for markets like London.

It appears that American Airlines has picked the Adient Ascent product as its new class of aircraft. The Adient Ascent product has a lot of flexibility.

Business class products have a general pattern and can be tailored a bit. The space saving techniques that seat manufacturers use to make the cabin efficient are what distinguishes seat types. The Adient Ascent seat is different than any other seat on the market.

  • The product could come in a staggered configuration, where center seats could be turned into double beds (American didn’t choose this option)
  • The product could come in a hybrid reverse herringbone and herringbone configuration, with reverse herringbone seats along the windows, and herringbone seats in the center; this is similar to Virgin Atlantic’s A350 Upper Class, though those seats are the Safran Cirrus NG variety

This seat is on the Boeing 787-9. Hawaiian may beat American because they are supposed to install these seats on Boeing 787-9s by late 2023. There is a door at each seat which makes this an excellent seat.

The center seats don't face the aisles so it looks like American chose a reverse herringbone configuration.

The first row of seats seems to me to be different from the rest, in that it may be possible to use space around the bulkhead. Virgin Atlantic will have a product similar to the "Retreat Suites" on their new A330-900neos.

New American business class cabin Boeing 787
New American business class seat Boeing 787
New American business class seat Boeing 787
New American business class seat Boeing 787

A new premium economy will be on the Boeing 787-9.

New American premium economy cabin Boeing 787
New American premium economy cabin Boeing 787

New American Airlines Airbus A321XLR cabins

American Airlines has 50 aircraft on order, which will be delivered in 24 years. The latest evolution of the A321 family will have an incredible range. The plane will be used for flights from the Northeast as well as premium transcon flights.

Business class, premium economy, and economy will be included in the configuration of the A321XLRs. Premium economy and business class seats will be available on the planes.

Since the requirements for seats are different for narrow and wide bodies, the A321XLRs will have different seats. The business class seats on American will be similar to the ones on the Mint cabin of JetBlue.

New American business class cabin Airbus A321XLR
New American business class seat Airbus A321XLR

Premium economy will be similar to domestic first class. The seats look like Delta's new first class seats.

New American premium economy cabin Airbus A321XLR
New American premium economy seats Airbus A321XLR

Will existing Boeing 787s & 777s get these seats?

The timelines remain to be seen, but American Airlines has confirmed that it will change the cabins on its Boeing 777s. I think it is safe to assume that first class will be eliminated when the planes are changed. International first class is no longer offered by any US airline.

There is no indication as to whether American will use the new seats on existing airplanes. It will be some time if it happens.

American will reconfigure 777-300ERs with these new seats

My take on American’s new business class

It is nice to finally see what has been said. At the end of the day, American is using products already offered by other airlines. These are some of the best existing products out there, and I think American's cabin finishes are great.

It is exciting to see how American is increasing premium capacity, as that should be great for upgrades, and marks a departure from what American has been doing for a long time.

I like American’s new finishes and color choices

The new business class products from American Airlines will be on the Boeing 787-9 and the A321XLR.

A nice improvement to the passenger experience will be the reverse herringbone seats on the 787-9s. The seats on the A321XLRs are similar to those on the A321LRs.

A new premium economy product is being introduced by American.

What do you think about the Flagship Suite?