• The first season of "House of the Dragon" is currently airing.

  • King Viserys is praised in the book for his prosperity.

  • The House of the Dragon shows Viserys' weaknesses.

I wonder if I will be remembered as a good king.

In the new "House of the Dragon" episode, King Viserys is about to die. He is covered in blisters with blood oozing from his nose.

What will they tell me? Lyonel Strong is the hand of the king. The George R.R. Martin book is the basis of the show. King Viserys might wonder how history books will remember him, but fans at home know that Martin wrote that history.

It's different from what we're seeing in "House of the Dragon"

According to the book version of King Viserys, he oversaw the "apex" of House Targaryen's power. We see a whole different story play out in the patriarchal kingdom as a result of the HBO adaptation, which has included his daughter and second wife's perspectives.

'House of the Dragon' star Emma D'Arcy said the series is built around the question of how to undo prejudice against women

Two white women in their 20s (one with white-blonde hair and the other dark reddish-brown) face each other.
Olivia Cooke and Emma D’Arcy as Alicent and Rhaenyra and in "House of the Dragon."HBO

Next week's sixth episode will show Emma D'Arcy's character Rhaenyra jumping ahead in time once more.

During a pre-season press junket, D'Arcy said that Westeros is a society that doesn't afford women space. Womanhood is associated with motherhood, with amenability, with duty, and with in capacity.

If you are a woman looking to rule, how do you convince an electorate? How do you convince men that you're not the only one? How are you going to get rid of those labels?

Viserys' choice to name Rhaenyra heir wasn't enough to maintain a peaceful transition of power as shown in the first five episodes.

It's almost about allyship. "D' Arcy said that." It's possible to give someone this mantle of power, but you have to know that all the systems within are going to be working against it. Support and work are needed to enable change. It's inevitable that support doesn't come.

The actor said that the world needs to learn how to change.

Viserys ponders about his legacy in the most recent episode.

'Fire and Blood' gives Viserys credit for prosperity and peace, while 'House of the Dragon' shows him letting the realm splinter before his eyes

Paddy Considine as King Viserys Targaryen in "House of the Dragon."HBO

The "House of the Dragon" writers had a point of departure for the first-ever "Game ofThrones" prequel series. "Fire and Blood" is a fast- moving historical account of House Targaryen written as if from the perspective of maesters and witnesses.

The story is not based on objective facts. There are three different accounts of one person's death, and a competing tale about which princess slept with which knight on the page. There is gossip and quotes. "Fire and Blood" has a deeply male-biased view of how these fictional events unfolded because Martin wrote "Thrones" to be a patriarchal society, one where men are the rightful heirs to their fathers' titles and homes, and where women are traded as political pawns and forced into

Ryan Condal and his writing team let viewers know that the TV adaptation of "House of the Dragon" would fill in the gaps of the events found in "Fire and Blood."

The historians credit King Viserys's reign as the "apex of Targaryen power" in the book. He was well loved by his lords and smallfolk. His reign was viewed as peaceful and prosperous by the people.

The historian notes that his open-handedness was legendary and that this was the strongest time for the number of dragons and dragonriders.

A scene from "House of the Dragon."HBO

The "House of the Dragon" shows King Viserys as weak and ineffectual. He doesn't want to be seen as strong in public and puts off important conversations until he gets angry.

He is at fault for the first major break in the relationship between Alicent and Rhaenyra when he chose his daughter's friend to be his bride. Viserys failed to counteract the realm's perception of Rhaenyra as deserving to rule compared to a male child.

The descriptions of Viserys are not always glowing. Viserys was not the strongest- willed of kings, but he relied on the counsel of the men around him, and did as they bade more than not.

Viserys tries to keep his Small Council meetings conflict-free in "House of the Dragon" as he takes the advice of his Hand frequently.

Alicent Hightower and King Viserys Targaryen in "House of the Dragon."HBO

The solution to the Rhaenyra versus Alicent conflict is not found in "House of the Dragon" so far.

King Viserys was fond of his wife and daughter, and hated conflict and contention, according to the maester.

The book says that he tried to keep the peace between his women and to please both with gifts and honors.

Viserys has barely registered the fact that Alicent, his second wife and mother to his two youngest children, is unhappy, and that her close friendship with Rhaenyra, his daughter and heir, has been weakened since he chose his bride without revealing his plans.

'House of the Dragon' is changing the book's fictional history to lay the blame for House Targaryen's ruin at the feet of men

Rhaenyra and Alicent began as best friends in "House of the Dragon."HBO

Prior to the first season premiere of "House of the Dragon," Insider spoke with Condal and Sapochnik, who discussed the approach to this particular story and the special opportunity it presented.

"We want to tell this story through the female perspective specifically, so we came in with an approach which is that we want to tell this story," he said. We have to listen to women because otherwise we are making it all up.

In the most recent episode, Rhaenyra had a sexual encounter with Criston Cole and her uncle Daemon while Alicent was performing her anxiety inducing duty of letting King Viserys have sex with her. The wedding episode was written by Charmaine DeGrate, who is the first woman writer with a solo episode credit on the show.

The male perspective paints both Rhaenyra and Alicent in a bad light. It's not explored when it comes to their motives. The decline of House Targaryen was caused by Viserys' weaknesses according to "House of the Dragon".

The book's story is changed so that the two women are both 14 years old at the start of the story, instead of several years apart in age and never friends before they are stepmother and stepmom. With the younger cast of Emily Carey and Milly Alcock in those roles, we got almost a mini-prequel.

House Targaryen will be left in the ruin that fans of the show know is coming when the story kicks into higher gear next week with the help of Emma D' Arcy.

"We get to be the God's eye point of view in the story telling the objective truth, and we get to show those moments," Condal said. That is the thing that will keep people interested.

On Sunday nights, "House of the Dragon" airs on the premium cable channel. There is an hour and a half later. The breakdown of the best details you might have missed in the most recent episode is here.

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