The band is my biggest problem with the Apple watch. Like many people, I spend most of my time sitting at a desk typing on a computer, and I have never been able to get used to the way my watch strap, or even just the small metal clasp, behaves. It is noisy and uncomfortable. I get into a habit of taking a watch off to work and then never putting it back on again.

I bought a Watch Series 8 with the stretchy braided solo loop and it changed things for me. The Watch Series 6 came out in 2020 but I haven't had an Apple watch in a while. The BSL is a single piece of yarn. I don't feel it hitting the desk because it's thin and soft, and I don't feel it catching on as I move my hands.

If you want to get sized for the band, you have to go to an Apple Store or the company's home size band. The employee who helped me at the store told me to size down. I have a black midnight size 8 BSL on my left wrist, which left a small woven marking for a day, but now seems to have settled nicely.

I have never been able to use my Apple watch all day.

For the first time in my life, I can use my Apple Watch all day without having to take it off. It was a big win for me to be able to wear this expensive device and the watch since some of its best health features are supposed to be collecting data 24 hours a day. I only took my Series 8 off to charge it because no band can fix that part of the problem.

The BSL has a cheaper sibling that is made of liquid Silicone from Apple. It is half the price of the BSL, but I have never liked how the Silicone looks. Some buyers say the bands stretch over time to the point of being too loose, which would be a shame for such a high-priced accessory. I will have to add hand wash my watch strap to the laundry list because the BSL is absorbent. This is the most comfortable Apple watch I've ever had.

You can find a lot of third-party stretchy bands, like the ones from Palmetto, which cost as little as $15, and there is a popular store that sells the BSL for $27. I think I will buy them all at one time or another. I'm not going back because I've gone stretchy.